Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash

By Elie - 3:12 PM

I am extremely behind time in posting this and my disclaimer is that just about 97% of the pictures I'm about to post are all stolen from Nuffnang's Facebook page! But hey, at least I am crediting them and I have a good reason for it. I couldn't possibly be a Nuffie and then be taking photos like a regular blogger, can I? No! I was there to enjoy myself AND make sure everyone else enjoys themselves too! Except the soundman a.k.a Wai Kin. He was there...for the sound.

Anyway, in case you didn't catch it, 27th of February 2013 was in fact Nuffnang's 6th anniversary which means it has been 6 years since Nuffnang was created by two guys who met each other at a Pussycat Dolls concert. Phew. And thank God for that meet up...although they didn't really watch the concert per say. So just as every other year, this year Nuffnang had set up a birthday bash to invite all the bloggers and VIPs to come together and celebrate the birth of this unlikely company and I am extremely lucky that I am still an intern with the company. Which means I get to go for it...whether or not I deserve the entry! Ha!

 Pretty balloon arch by Balloon Buzz! :)

While the set up and preparations were crazy and I was bloody tired the night before what with the endless goodie bag packing for 3 days in a row, the outcome was actually very satisfying. It's like baking a cake; where you throw in the flour and whip in the milk along with melting the butter only to suffer in an endless torture of mixing it all together without a mixer but the cake still comes out delicious in the end. Go ahead and run wild on imaginations. Unlike any of the other events that I've experienced from my classes, this one was a full fledged madness on a steam train whereby we had to source out EVERY.SINGLE.LITTLE.DETAIL.ALL.BY.OURSELVES. I'm completely stressing that out because the ones we had in class were mostly just ironed out by the restaurant itself anyway but this was a completely new experience and I am thankful for every moment I've lived it.

When the day finally arrived, I felt the adrenaline and the surge to tend to each detail; as though I was some big shot of the company! Ha, small fry trying too hard! While I'm really glad it's over, a part of me wishes it isn't because there's just so much more I hope to learn and a whole lot more I wish I would have voiced out. *Slaps self* Regardless, it's all done and I'm praying hard that each blogger had enjoyed themselves enough and every VIP would have thought it was good. I mean, I shouldn't feel that way since I was the one who slacked off most of the time and each fault should have been blamed on my lazy bones but there's just one part in me hoping for that miracle.

I'd probably go write a whole diary about this and show it to my children in the future. Your mother was a lazy intern, kids. Don't ever learn from me. I hope your father will be a better example; whoever he is. Yeah...and here we go on pictures!

Beginning of the event at the photo wall with the other interns; Aki and Ashley. :)

That isn't me writing on the wishing wall, I just like how it looks here so whoever this hand belongs to, thanks for lending it to me!
[Edit: *Gasp* I've found the owner of this hand! It's Lydia's hand! Everyone say hi to Lydia!]

Ash and I posing by the Deezer booth. Someone teach me how in the world do I Photoshop away body fats, thanks.

Farah, Aki and I uh...just...chilling...I suppose...

Blowing off candles from the 4-tier cake made by Cherry Cake Designs

And then Boss Tim murdered cut the cake

And then we took a big Nuffie family photo. Are there 50 of us in there? I don't know, start counting.

Another Nuffie photo before the night ended with Shah's confetti popper FINALLY working

And an apparently "crazy posed" Nuffie photo except the front row people were completely going "eh" on this. Hint hint Willy, Rina and Angie...just saying...

Shamelessly asking Boss Tim and Audrey for a photo. This intern knows no shame nor fear!

Eventually we ended up with only Audrey when Boss Tim stepped down before we could have a double take...

Clearly these are the 3% of pictures taken by myself. Ash and I we always should except we didn't because she was on the deck and I was...running. Dangit.

It's not everyday where your boss is a famous blogger and is also the man who made his wedding proposal known worldwide. This is Timothy Tiah; the man behind the meme proposal. Shameless intern asks for a picture and he obliges. *Cries happy tears*

The team who made it possible...minus the slacker in me. Joyful, yes?

Indeed, I am fairly vain when it comes to pictures like these but really, it's worth remembering that I was there. Still thanking my stars the day that Mimi didn't just throw my CV into the shredder thinking that I didn't deserve this company placement at all! So to end it all, Happy Birthday again, Nuffnang. Thank you to everyone from Nuffnang and to everyone who made it to birthday bash who had made it a blast. Big thanks to the sponsors of the night who has been nothing but awesome throughout the #NNBB2013: LUST KL, DiGi,, LION, Lotte.Co, L'Ocittane, Melvita and GETHA Bedding. It marks my very first time in stepping into a club and it has definitely been an eye opener for me to see how things run in an event. Hopefully when I leave, I'd be leaving with a heavy heart because that's when I will know...if I belong.
Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash: Signed, sealed and delivered with happiness.

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