Joyful Days

By Elie - 7:03 PM

Indeed there are some days that feels a lot more down than the others and there are also days where you don't need a whole lot of things to make you smile. It could just be as simple as...

A day with Aunty Laura's granddaughter, Sheryl.

To be honest, I had my doubts about Sheryl. I had no idea how I could possibly look at a little girl whom I've never really been with; much less spoken to and yet be so attached to her in the very end. In fact this is only the second time that I've seen her; the first being right back in Penang when Ah Kong and Aunty Laura were both still kicking and well. Maybe that could have been a little bit of what made me have my doubts too, she reminded me of days back then.

Today she has taught me that I didn't need a whole lot of cash (Okay maybe we did have to pay a sum to find the right venue for all that fun) or a lot to say just to enjoy ourselves, laugh and have a good time. It's true, I couldn't really converse with her because my Mandarin has just gone down the drain the very day I stepped away from the National Service camp and her proficiency in English isn't that well. It felt a lot like the Chinese proverb that goes, "chicken and duck talk" in order to describe two completely different people who just can't seem to get their own message across in the same language.

It could have just been less than 8 hours that we've met and she recognized how much this crazy jie jie here was someone she could trust. How did she know though that I wouldn't have brought her harm? Was this the innocence in children that we adults cannot find? Did they believe in everything that they see or do they just somehow have a seventh sense that tells them that this person they have their hand in can be trusted?

First she wanted everything, then she wanted nothing.

She couldn't have known or could ever know, but she's brought me so much joy today given all the circumstances of stress I have felt all week. She felt like a little ray of hope, a somewhat growing sunshine to tell me that I could just be happy too; if I chased after her quick enough. Thank you little Sheryl for being such an adorable darling all day long. You're probably one of the most obedient, cheerful and at times unexpected child I've met and spent time with. You've taken my mind off a whole lot of things and it's what I exactly needed. You're a blessed little angel with unseen wings and a halo. And then we'll throw a yellow ball over that halo, alright?

Joyful days have returned. The misery couldn't stand my fight for light and I am more than glad for that. :)

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  1. Kids always remind me to celebrate the simple things in life.

    1. I agree. A simple reminder that everything can be joyful so long you believe for it to be. :)


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