The Bag Of Love Tea Party

By Elie - 6:00 AM

I hardly ever find myself sitting down thinking about what surprises life could hold but just recently, I figured that it would actually be fun to think about that. Imagining the day that I came home to a parcel holding some SILKYGIRL products made me smile a little while the thought of unwrapping the amazing gift Laura had given me for my farewell from Nuffnang made my tummy flutter again. This is about the moment when I realize, I LOVE unboxing things and tearing away wraps of surprises.

Which is why I decided that I really must find myself a spot to The Bag Of Love Tea Party held by The Butterfly Project on Facebook! Just in case you have no idea what Bag Of Love is, it's basically a little bag...holding LOADS of surprises for all your beauty honchos who wants nothing but to be awed by pretty and well scented make up or beauty products. me. Seriously, I'm a sucker for nice scented beauty products.

And to make it even more special for them to unveil what's in the next edition, they're making a big collaboration with The Butterfly Project for a meet up aptly named "The Unboxing Begins" with details as follows:

This is promising as it is!

Is that a whopping surprise already or what? Now all you have to do is get onto the Facebook page of The Butterfly Project for more information on how you could get yourself invites to review the next edition of Bag Of Love before someone else gets snapping away for their share too! I know I'm crossing my fingers now...

Big fat thanks to Ning (SHE GOT A NEW DOMAIN AND A BLOG FACE LIFT!) who wrote about it and I got to know the details of this cool party! Hopefully we'll go there together and get crazy!

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  1. Aww... I feel your fat thanks! HAHAHA. You're welcome! :) Good things are meant to be shared mah :)

    1. You better have felt my fat thanks. It's not easy to be fat. :P


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