Iron Man 3: My Way

By Elie - 9:14 AM

Following light of recent events in my life, there's just about so much I want to say but I doubt it's the right time just yet. So why not mop around and think of ideas to get myself to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Iron Man 3, right? Nope, not even kidding! It's just going to take me a blog post, some ideas and a whole lot of luck to score my pair of screening pass from Nuffnang this time around.

So on the site it said that I would have to create my very own Iron Man suit and give it a name. So I curled up in bed thinking about what I could do just to get my defenses up again especially since whatever has happened lately and I realized that nothing, NOTHING gave me more comfort than the softness of my cuddly blanket and extremely squishy soft toys. Not even Royce chocolates of MooCow Froyo could give me that pick-me-up effect as well as these little protectors of mine so I figured, why not an Iron Man suit...with a soft side to it?

Give me a little bit of drum rolls right here and meet my personal rendition of...Iron Fluff-A-Lot. Don't get me wrong, it's not a full suit of fluffy furs on the outside but it's the inside that really counts. Imagine a suit with sufficient fluffy padding on the inside with your favourite Mr. Cuddles hidden on the inside to keep you away from your nightmares of a terrible villain!

On the outside though, you'll meet the same ol' Iron Man suit except with a tweak of the most cuddly looking soft toy hit up you can imagine instead of missiles. Let's face it, you'd always be anticipating explosives and big blasts so wouldn't it be confusing to catch a teddy bear with oogly eyes shot out of the suit of Iron Fluff-A-Lot? Of course, by now you'd be wondering too; what good could this teddy bear do? Well then, how does lacing it with an endless spray of...AIR FRESHENERS! Oh yes, it's time to put that bottle of Alpine Fresh spray to good use now. And while your opponent chokes to breathe up so fresh air (ironic isn't it?), go ahead and kick them in their nuts. It works much better than missiles.

That's the Iron Man 3: My Way. The fluffy way of course. Come here you, Mr.Cuddles.

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I lied. I don't have a Mr.Cuddles. I do however have 2 elephants, a seal, multiple dogs, 2 penguins, a Churpie, a moose, a lion, a leopard, a donkey, a snake and countless other soft toys just hiding somewhere in my room. I'm a spoiled child, really.

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