The epic WeChat Party 2013!

By Elie - 8:06 AM

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Do you remember having a childhood where it always felt like fun to be speaking into a walkie talkie and waiting for a reply? Well, we could *almost* have it again today all thanks to the app we all call WeChat! In fact, it’s so much of convenience that sometimes, I just ignore all my other apps and annoy communicate with all my friends using WeChat! Developed by Tencent in China, WeChat had begun its legacy in January 2011 as Weixin in China before being rebranded in April 2012 with international language support and kicked out to the worldwide market and currently boasts up to 300 million users!

To celebrate this amazing feat, WeChat decided to throw a big party for their users and I was lucky enough to be invited! *Jumps in joy* I’ve never been invited to join such cool parties! So I picked out a petite dress and had my mum do me a braid before running off to Neverland, KL for the WeChat Party 2013!

I have much love for this dress that I got from Kitschen a while back!

Arriving at 6pm with my partner in crime, we were probably the earliest for the day. But it’s okay, we were worried that we’d be stuck in traffic anyway! We finally got into Neverland, KL at around 7pm and we were stoked to see so many people already having their go at the cutest machine ever that takes your picture and prints it out immediately for your keepsake!

Happily greeted by balloons!

Here’s the nifty little machine!

Awkward Elie is awkwardly snapping at the machine that snaps me.

Stepping away from the machine, we headed to the main area where the life of the party was.

Pretty cupcakes laid out for us!

The WeChat group conversation being broadcasted live on the screen!

A foreword by the emcee, Rudy followed by a welcome speech by the Vice President of Tencent International Business, Mr. Poshu Yeung

Checking out the TVC that WeChat has created featuring Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam as the official ambassadors of WeChat Malaysia (with Wai Kin’s annoying hand too!)

Being lulled during dinner by Vivian Chua who was later on joined by Henley Hii

The game session to win an iPad!

I wanted so badly to win the iPad but unfortunately there were some extremely quick people who have gone up to the stage and snagged the iPad before I could do anything! The event ended just short of 10pm with many familiar faces being spotted while I was there! I was more than happy to have seen them because I’ve been out of the industry for quite a while now following my internship days. And we even got goodies from them!

The instant photograph taken by the nifty machine!

A fluffy WeChat pillow, a lanyard, Domino’s pizza vouchers and a pen with a WeChat folder!

WeChat is available on iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices via the store or via downloads at In fact, it’s the first and only social messaging application that’s available on major mobile platforms! Best of all, everything is free, free, FREE! 

That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you’re sending a 10 second voice clip or a 2 second groan, you don’t have to pay a single cent to Tencent!  

Proven! Here’s my college bestie, Callie and I on WeChat deciding on lunch plans!

And this is me telling Krystle, my best friend from kindergarten that I’m fairly tipsy after the night out!

You see how I’m sending out 1 second voice clips? It’s free! Abuse it. Use it to your liking and remember to give your thanks to WeChat by Tencent!

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