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By Elie - 10:46 AM

Nothing makes me happier than receiving letters or parcels out of the blue at home simply because I love the anticipation of ripping open something and looking at what's inside. Unfortunately, I'm almost never home to receive whatever comes for me and my mum or aunt gets to experience signing off the parcels for me instead. Life is just sad. All the same, a parcel came for me on Saturday and I was not around to receive it and my aunt signed it off for me instead. You see, my family was in Ipoh for a day to complete our Cheng Beng ritual and this package arrived out of the blue!

Hahaha yes it's ripped because I tore it open to see what's inside before thinking about how I should have taken a photo of it first! Address and contact number erased for privacy purposes!

It was pretty shocking for me to see this little wrapped up bundle inside (pic unavailable because I ripped it off and gave the bubble wrap to my aunt to use on her handicrafts instead) that held some pretty awesome products all from SILKYGIRL! Here's what I've gotten from them:

A little pink casing with a teddy bear (pink isn't really my style but in this case, this is nice for traveling!) with lots of goodies inside, a tube of lip balm and a box of foundation powder!

 SILKYGIRL Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner in 01 Darkest Snow

SILKYGIRL Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner in 01 Blackest Black

Cute little SILKYGIRL sharpener for the eyeliners!

SILKYGIRL Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow in 01 Mocha Latte

SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Powder Foundation in 02 Natural
Yes that's me attempting a fail camwhore in the tiny mirror that comes with the box!

My newest favorite lipbalm - SILKYGIRL Drink Up Lip Balm in Coffee Flavor

SILKYGIRL Lolly Lip Gloss in 03 Candy Strawberry

I started thinking hard about whether or not I've received any e-mails from them or if I had spoken to anyone on the phone for a review but I just couldn't remember ANYTHING that had to do with that. Did they just love me that much to have given me stuffs for fun? *Shines eyes* Indeed they did! So I began to rip off all the plastics from the stuff and began to explore on what I could be doing with them! Well okay...I got to test them of course!

This is the Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner...on my hand!

I have never in my life known how to use a white eyeliner and when I tried it out on my own eyes following the tutorial on YouTube here, it was a disaster hence just the photo of it on my hands. It is however pretty easy to use (if you're using the black one) but somehow it doesn't give me that kick to keep using it possibly because I'm much more used to using a gel eyeliner compared to a pencil eyeliner. Good for keeps though; because my mum loves pencil eyeliners!

And this is the Perfect Stay 20HR eyeliner!

Again, it was a disaster to have applied this on my eyes because it just smudged terribly and I looked much more like a panda than anything else. I had expected it to be easier to use but I must say it's a little disappointing. I still much prefer the eyeliner that I had bought (which coincidentally is also by SILKYGIRL!) because it was in a gel form and easier to apply too. I've been using it for my internship period and we can't seem to part ways! This is also fairly difficult to remove; even with my Biore Makeup remover pads. Not too sure if it indeed stays for 20 hours though but it's not exactly the eyeliner I would go for. Sorry, SILKYGIRL!

Getting out of the house with the eyeshadow and coffee lip balm

The eyeshadow set are pretty natural colors and could just blend off with almost any look of the day. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely attracted to how dark the darker shade is, making it seem as though I have panda eyes. Maybe I'm just not using it the right way but it's a good consideration. Very nicely blended with the right shade of a light peach of a different brand and BAM this is what you get!

As mentioned, this is my new favorite lip balm from SILKYGIRL! Admittedly before this I was very much intrigued by the 3 colored lip balm that they had given me before but this is so moisturizing, you could actually see the water drops on the lip balm! It isn't as yummy as the ice cream lip pot, but it's still really nice to sniff at just because it is coffee scented! It gives out a very light shade of pink-ish brown but it doesn't stay very long but you can still see the shine of the moisture on your lips, can't you?

This is me with HALF my face being powdered up with the SILKYGIRL Magic BB White Foundation Powder!

I nearly died of a heart attack my own picture above. I'm not even kidding, that's the difference that the foundation powder has given me with the most noticeable change being my extremely huge dark circle! I am in love and thank you very much, SILKYGIRL for this mad invention of the foundation powder. No, it wasn't photoshop that made me look like how I look above okay? If it was, I would have fixed BOTH my eye bags!

Day out with my favourite old people and no make up except the Lolly Lip Gloss.

Honestly, I love the packaging of this lip gloss. It's like a freaking lollipop; and that totally explains the name of it. It's doesn't give me that overly dry or sticky feeling when applied which is good for me because I hate having the sticky feeling of lip gloss on my mouth and I just never know when to close my mouth because I'm so worried that it'll smear. No more with this Lolly Lip Gloss!

And that's it! I've always loved SILKYGIRL products because they were all so affordable and nice to use, plus it matched my personality for a more simple, clean and fuss free do. In all honesty, I hate having to slap on heavy make up just to look good; especially to conceal my larger-than-life eyebags and my crazy blackheads that just sprouts out of nowhere but SILKYGIRL does the job for me effortlessly!

Thanks again for the unexpected parcel, SILKYGIRL! Next time though, I really wish I could receive them myself! :)

Disclaimer: This review is based solely on my personal preference and no monetary / business terms were discussed at all.

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  1. Ah... NICE! I remember meeting you for the very first time during SF. I remembered seeing this amazingly pretty girl even without make-up..

    Now that I know that pretty girl, she's actually SHO CWAZY!!!! :P

    1. Hehehe I remember this pretty mummy also okay? And then that cheeky small kid whom I now know is called Ethan just sitting there and looked SO CUTE.

      Not crazy, just a bit...imba. :P

  2. Ha, ha... couldn't wait to open - just like me!

    1. Every letter, every package and every gift I get, I would just have this urge to TEAR it off and see what's inside! Wrappers are such a waste on me. :P


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