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No spoilers for you here, I promise! Yes, I needed a disclaimer out first because people would probably kill me or lookout for wherever I live and burn it down should I come out with stories about The Mandarin being...I mean yeah...that! Read on though, you wouldn't regret it because thanks to Nuffnang, I got to attend the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Iron Man 3 last night! The tip to getting tickets this time around was tricky though, I had to blog about how I would make my own Mark 42 could read about what I wanted to do right here.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 *Hyperventilates*

On a regular day, no other of these Marvel hypes would have gotten me crazy. Heck I didn't even watch Avengers (I suck, I know) simply because it didn't attract me THAT much to begin with. So what exactly made me get excited over Iron Man 3? Well then here's three words that would help: Robert Downey Jr. Yes, I am a sucker for his manliness and his testosterone filled good looks, so God help it I could have hyperventilated through the movie. Maybe that's taking it up a notch too much but you get the gist of whatever I'm trying to say, no?

Indeed there are much better posters out there but I do love how this one looks so...oh well!
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As per every other Iron Man movie, this one's no different with nifty suits and mad gadgets along with blown up buildings regardless of how Iron Man is seemingly there to "save the world". In all honesty I've never understood how in all these superhero movies, they are supposed to be "saving the world" yet they end up destroying half the city in their bid to keep the world "safe". Go figure, all ye superheroes! 

In this series of Iron Man however, it is best for you to keep up to Avengers a little bit or you may just be as lost as myself in some instances of him speaking about New York. Nothing changes, you still get the same old hot Tony Stark going around in his suit with his sarcastic, nonsensical and inhumane talks along with a dash of the same old arguments that he has with the people who matters most to him. Top it off with some blown off buildings and "starky" acts and you'll have...Iron man 3. There is however a good dose of a plot twist slit into the moments you expect least but the revelation of it does make up for the mind screwing lot. And the spoilers end. Go figure the rest yourself by lining up for your tickets or pre-booking them online.

Always, always so good looking, Tony Stark.
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Robert Downey Jr reprises his role once again as Tony Stark or Iron Man; the genius, millionaire, playboy philanthropist simply because no other Tony Stark would feel the same, I suppose. In my unbiased account, I do think that Robert Downey suits roles like these; all mysterious and slurry both at once, just as his role in Sherlock Holmes goes. It gets fairly difficult to catch his words at times but that's what subtitles are mainly for, no? Well okay no, I paid much more attention to his face. Who cares what he has to say? Pfft. Dialogues are too mainstream for me anyway. (I'll just catch them again when the DVD comes out, duh!) But on a more serious account, RDJ does make a great Tony Stark, possibly having created a whole image to the Iron Man franchise if he hasn't already done that in the first 2 movies. Still a pleasant eye candy to watch regardless. I am not being biased, I swear!

Pepper Potts lives in.
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Gwyneth Paltrow is once again Pepper Potts, this time completely taking up her role as being Tony Stark's other half and significantly making a mark in his life. It gets really nice watching Paltrow on screen with RDJ probably because it feels just right following the first two Iron Man movies. She does deserve a whole lot more credit than what I think she would have gotten for in the first place, especially in scenes where she completely kicks butt and walks around in her sports bra look seemingly after everything has come to an end. I still do enjoy how classy Paltrow could get while she speaks, being elegant and lady like but I wish she would have been a little more feisty at times when she should have, really.

Showing you that life after rejection still picks up well.
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Guy Pearce takes on the role of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3, the one person who once appeared to be the rejected genius of Tony Stark. It made sense though, for his admiration to turn into hatred and the twist felt good on Pearce. I'm not entirely sure if I've ever watch any of Pearce's movies before this but even if I had, I would have probably forgotten it by now anyway. Short term memories work like that. I did enjoy his role in Iron Man 3 a lot though, somehow wanting a lot more of his screen time so that I could look at his handsome face in addition to RDJ's. But really, he's a good actor; not just for his looks. 

You'll never see him coming!
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Ben Kingsley puts up a good show for his role of The Mandarin / Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3 if you didn't already figure out! Again, I've never seen Kingsley in any of his other roles but this time really clinches it for me because I don't think I've seen someone so versatile and all rounded into one within 2 hours of screen time! The plot twist is seriously hilarious, especially in the introduction of Kingsley to the story in midst of all the horror and seriousness that has been roaming around the air that everyone breathes in the cinema. Got to give it to him though, Kingsley is really good at what he does!

Other notable mentions indeed includes Don Cheadle reprising his role as James Rhodes, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan as well as James Badge Dale as Eric Savin. Loads has been done by the team behind the scenes, I must say especially when we sat through the credits to check out a whole 10 second scroll of VFX effects team members. I bid you good luck if you're looking for your own name, unless you're going to pause on it every few seconds to hunt. Otherwise, just be glad you were a part of the making of Iron Man 3!

To top it off, Iron Man 3 really does hit up to a good show, much to my personal expectations overall living up to a 8/10 on the "Shneep" scale. I enjoyed as much of the action scenes just as I loved the comedic slits injected to the movie just to live on with the gloomy mood of a dying nation and a president who can't save nobody without an iron suit. I would actually pay to watch Iron Man 3 again so if anyone's looking for a movie partner, holla at me! (Or if you're paying for me too, I really wouldn't mind.)

Maybe someday I should sit down for a whole Iron Man trilogy just as I've done the Harry Potter one a while back. That way I could have all the Robert Downey Jr fantasies I want. Oh boy.

P/S: Thank you, Nuffnang and Nuffies for the tickets although my Mark 42 probably wouldn't have killed off the Mandarin. I love how you guys have faith in me to save your nation!

PP/S: Thank you, Wai Kin for buying me the Iron Man 3 bottle from TGV anyway! We'll get the big popcorn the next time we go for a movie okay? 

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