Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara

By Elie - 12:11 PM

Here's a short post before I get along to finishing up my pointers to a presentation tomorrow! Anyone up for a new drama on Astro Ria (Channel 104) come the 1st of May? Well then you're in luck because "Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara" as directed by Prem Pillai featuring Dafi, ChaCha Maembong, Alif Hadi and Sheila Mambo as well as several other stars will be premiering on the 1st of May!

The cast of "Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara"

The show, featuring stories of 3 couples who gets into a self-discovery journey; one with hardships and enjoyments only to land in a dream of stardom will air every Wednesday at 9.00pm and repeats on Saturday at 5.00pm on Astro Ria (Channel 104) for 9 consecutive weeks! So kick back on a Wednesday by your sofas and be ready to catch some K-Pop adventure of these young stars in "Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara"!

It was pretty good on my side to have been invited to the press conference yesterday at The Bee, Publika because I came home not just with a bloated tummy with good food from The Bee but also with Cornetto ice cream and goodies both in my stomach and in my hands respectively. It's time to be jealous. Very, very jealous.

Having a Cornetto Royale Blackforest at the press conference of "Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara". I heard it's about RM 2.90 out there!

Coming home with a box of mystery

Only to open up to 6 more Cornetto ice-creams! Who be screaming for ice-cream now?

A fluffy, heart-shaped Walls Cornetto pillow!

I really, really love this door gift. It's practical and very convenient; travel utensils in a pouch! My grandfather has a set almost similar to this. Ah how I miss him.

So yes people, go ahead and wait for the "Kisah Chenta Cornetto Uda & Dara" premiering next Wednesday onwards! In the mean time, maybe I'll just play with the dry ice I got from the box of mysteries.

Ice, ice baby?

It's not just cold, it's freaking fluffy! Don't mind me, I've never in my life played with dry ice before!

Daddy's wrinkly hand in the bowl of "poison" as he calls it. Apparently it's how the old Chinese movies creates the "poisonous drink" effect...

While I'm at it, I shall go get some ice-cream...because I can! Thanks for the invites, Nuffnang! <3

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  1. I used to love Cornettos as a kid.

    1. Me too except I never had the money to buy them! I think somehow when we were younger we would want so many things but now that we could afford stuff, they just don't feel so...exclusive no more. :(


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