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Here's an entry to make everyone feel sad about their instant noodle dinner (if you're really having instant noodles and reading this, I'm sorry!) because I'll be talking about eating at Graze, KL Hilton! You see, Chef used to work for the fine dining restaurant in KL Hilton aptly named Senses until it went through a major revamp, making way for their new concept European dining; Graze. So Chef thought it would be appropriate to bring the family in one night and try out what's new on the menu!

What used to be Senses is now Graze. The entrance remains the same; simply take the elevator to the 5th floor, walk over to Chyna and head down the stairs!

 Go on in, folks!

And that's the kitchen on your right!

They didn't change the layout per say but the kitchen does look a tad bit smaller from what it used to appear when we dined at Senses so that should be the biggest change of all; especially to the cooks. Audrey Chin now heads the kitchen of Graze with the former Michael Elfwing having take on the responsibilities of all the kitchens of KL Hilton as a whole. We were in luck that Chef booked us the room where the 8 of us had our private space to laugh, ponder and share whilst overlooking the kitchen at all times because if we had sat outside, it might not have been that comfortable. I did however go home with a stiff neck because I kept turning to the left to look at Chef.

Can't see Chef from here but he was definitely a sight that night. (This is so wrong, I'm stalking my own brother!)

Enough talking though let's take a walk on what's good for your tummy the next time you want to feel grand and stuff at Graze, Hilton!

Ciabatta bread with dip and vegetables

The bread HOMAIGAWD is to die for. Dip it with the sauce for a real delicious treat!

Onion soup

I don't particular like onions per say but I did try it out and I must say that it's not bad. Worthy of a try!

Provencal pistou soup

Clinching on a sour end, this soup opens up to a bigger appetite and is actually quite perfect given it is an starter to your an eventful dinner.

 Goat's cheese beignets with sweet millet and garden salad

The goat's cheese beignets were a little too much for me to taste possibly because I'm not a big fan of goat's cheese. The salad was a good compliment to it though, very fresh and yummy!

Mimolette cheese souffle with raisins and pine nuts

Side dish of salad

This cheese souffle on the other hand was something I wish I had more of; compared to the goat's cheese beignet. I liked how soft the cheese souffle was and slipping it with the sauce was a gracious compliment. Putting it up with the side dish of salad was a good choice though because it didn't make the souffle too much to swallow at the end of the day. Not "jelak" as Malaysians put it.

Pissaladiere tart with olives and anchovies

The thin crust was great but I really didn't like having to taste olives and anchovies at the same time so probably not something I would order for myself...

Bouillabaisse, sea bream, snapper & lobster with toasted baguette & rouille

Roasted pumpkin with fennel seeds, pine nuts & feta cheese

Sweet and savoury at a point, this roasted pumpkin dish is at the epitome of side dishes!

Baby spinach sauteed with hazelnuts & garlic

A tasty feat to our array of foods with heavy flavours, this is great as one of the finishing dishes.

Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic

Something I regularly have from Chef's cooking at home but I must say it's really good so make sure it's what you would order when you're at Graze, Hilton!

Slow cooked Dorper lamb shoulder & grilled rack with parsley mashed potatoes

Absolute yummers! We believe Chef grilled this making it tender and moist with absolutely no gamey smell at all! 

Grilled snapper, caper butter, haricot vert & la ratte potatoes

I didn't quite like this snapper probably because I'm not a big fan of fishes to start off with but I felt that there was a little bit of a fishy smell to it.

Roast chicken with garlic & thyme, ruby roseval potatoes & button mushrooms

The roast chicken was moist and done just at the right state while the potatoes were just soft enough to be chowed down. I must say the button mushrooms were difficult to find but a real treat when I finally got them on my fork and down my throat. MAD LOVE.

Veal T-bone steak

As many of my friends know, I hardly ever take beef but since Chef has already made it, why not right? The T-bone steak was roasted to just the right perfection with it being correctly tender and the medium rare consistency being just right! Well done, Chef. Here's a sloppy kiss from me to you!

Lemon tart with fresh berries, sauce anglaise

This is me being at my best, calling out for desserts and staring at it before looking at anything else. The lemon tart with fresh berries and sauce anglaise served at Glaze was absolutely delicious! Some may rant that it's a little too sour but what more do you expect from a lemon tart? Slobber it with the sweet sauce anglaise and it's just the right thing to finish up a dinner! Take it from me, peeps. This is what you wouldn't want to miss.

And that's just about the stuff I had put in my stomach that night! It sounds like a lot but when you share them off with 7 other people, it's just the right amount. Graze, Hilton opens for lunch and dinner. Look out for Chef if you're there!

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