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By Elie - 6:00 PM

Excuse me while I take a quick break from all the highs of life and speak about this one lady who has been holding me up for all these while. I guess this post is fairly obligatory but at the same time just a way for me to tell mum all the things that anyone would hardly go around saying.

This is my mummy...and I of course.
Picture lifted off my Instagram

Dear mummy,

21 years ago around this time, you would have been a few months pregnant with me kicking in your tummy and putting the miserable thought of having to change my diapers and wake up every few hours to nurse me while I cry. You did it anyway.

So I grew up, year by year and you've been watching me too; day by day. You were with me and taught me the path to what was right and what was not. You supported whatever I picked; so long I was safe and happy. You became someone to confide into, someone to hide my secrets with and someone who would help me find my way out in the darkness.

Thank you, mummy for being such an amazing woman in my life (as well as Chef's, I believe) and for believing in me while I didn't in myself. Thank you for putting up with everything I create and the laziness I fall to while pushing me to be a better person. (Or thinner, for that matter!)

Happy mother's day, mummy. Here's to hoping you'll enjoy the show later in the afternoon. I love you.

P/S: And also a great big thank you to my grandmother because if there was no popo, there would be no mummy and there would be no me without mummy! So happy mother's day too, popo!

I love you too!

To all the women out there regardless if you're an aunt or a mother to someone, Happy Mother's Day. You are all people who have put up with so much and sacrificed just about your whole life teaching us to walk, talk and behave. You sacrificed your youth and beauty to shower us, pamper us and make sure we have food in our mouths. You make sure we have clean clothes to wear, pressed attires to dress up in and that we look good no matter what. Put up your feet today, women around the world. You all deserve it.

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