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By Elie - 3:00 AM

Hello Shneep-ers! Remember when I talked about the epic Vuvuzela challenge by Nuffnang a week back? You don't? Well here's a refresher! Yup, that's me and the OMG kitty on a complete fusion to show you a reaction that I may have had at the Vuvuzela ride in Sunway Lagoon! It makes complete sense regardless what Joel says in the comment box below the post *glares* because it's okay if someone's too shell shocked to scream right?

Luckily for me, the Nuffies found the funny side to my insanity and also the sense in my silence through the video and I scored myself a pair of passes to go to Sunway Lagoon last Saturday (11th May) to try out the Vuvuzela ride as well as the brand new Waterplexx 5D! The day was supposed to start off at 9.30am but my plus one; Wai Kin and I were a little late because we were first hunting for a parking spot desperately and second, we got lost inside of Sunway Pyramid while looking for the entrance to the Surf Beach!

All was well around 10am though when we finally found our way (by calling up Shah and apologizing for being late then telling him that we were lost in a freaking mall!) and were whisked off to the breathtaking Vuvuzela ride! No kidding, it actually looks like what the pictures show!

Print screened Nuffnang's Instagram page...because I don't have an up-close picture of the Vuvuzela like this. I was too excited to take a picture too!

Before heading out, I had ziplocked my phone and stuffed it in my Kipling sling bag but it still got wet after a while so I threw it back in the locker anyway. (Speaking of which, I had no idea lockers in Sunway Lagoon costs RM 15 now!) Thankfully though, Wai Kin invested in one of those waterproof phones from Sony and he brought it along to our ride! So behold now, Shneep-ers, for you will get to see the REAL reaction of which I had during our Vuvuzela ride!

I steered off pretty far from the original reaction I thought I would have, mind you. 

We later on got to try the Waterplexx 5D by Sunway Lagoon and it was a really chilly ride. Designed to appear like a cinema, the Waterplexx 5D shoots out water, blows out gusts of wind and gives your chair a good vibrate while you watch whatever is on screen; making you feel like you were really in the show. It would have been good though to turn down the airc-onditioning in there because we came out not only drenched but extremely cold from the wind, icy water and well, the aircond.

The after sessions were on a complete free and easy lounge so Wai Kin, Ashley, Will, Ka Wah and his friend along with myself decided to try out a few more rides before we went our own ways to enjoy whatever else we could. Rides included the Mal Slide, Phyton and...THREE TIMES OF THE VUVUZELA RIDE! It was an ultimate gut test for us especially given that we had to keep climbing those flights of stairs but the video as above is ultimately worthy!

Upon splitting up, Wai Kin and I headed over to the surf beach only to find it not quite "wavy" enough and turned back to the Wave Pool instead. We didn't last too long there either because it felt a little boring but it was still a great spot for us to take a few good pictures together given our camwhore skills.

I'll just save you from sore eyes and only show you one. You're welcome.

We dried off pretty soon after and had lunch over at Subway (shockingly at the same rate as you would get from outside. I thought we would have had to pay a premium price like how you had to pay extra to get food in Genting!) before touring over to the Extreme park for a quick round of Go Kart. Unfortunately though, we had to pay RM 20 for 5 minutes of Go Kart so we decided not to go for it and resorted to going on a quick ATV ride.

Do I look gangster enough? Minus the ugly Crocs they made us wear!

What I enjoyed about the ATV ride though was how attentive the staff were, giving us clean and disposable shower caps before we put on the helmet. They even gave us a 10 second crash course as to how to accelerate and how to brake so that was that and it was all up to your own maneuvering skill afterward. I wished it were a little more free-to-ride kind of thing though because going in one row through the trail wasn't as fun but it was a great experience nonetheless.
What we didn't do however was to ride the G-Force X ride of the Extreme Park unlike the daredevils Ashley, Will, Ka Wah and his friend. (I'm sorry I keep calling you "his friend", I have no idea what your name is!) It was crazy but they did it and according to Ash, it was the quickest RM 30 she has spent in 2 minutes and Ka Wah agrees but it was also very worthy for the overall experience. I don't know about you but I doubt I would have the guts for something like that...yet. Maybe when I'm 30 or something, yeah? I do however have an epic video of Ashley and Will on the G-Force X so enjoy. It was taken by Ka Wah who helped by going under the sun while I hid under the tree with Anne.
That's Ashley and her friend Will excited before the launch.

Epic indeed!

Which is why I said I probably wouldn't do it till I'm 30. There's a part of me regretting that I am not doing it whilst I am still as young as this but hey, I've got to leave something for the older me to do right? Wai Kin and I left after that because it started to get a little too hot in the theme park and we were in our dry clothes and there was no way we would go for a swim anymore. The aftermath of my day ended with a Stickhouse treat, an Ochado drink, a walk from one end to the other of Sunway Pyramid and the purchasing of a Pikachu for Wai Kin's car. Perfect ending to my Saturday? Yes.

Melon ice cream with half of the dark chocolate dip offered at Stickhouse. It's like the epitome of delicious ice cream sticks albeit at a premium price.

And I have converted him into a premium ice cream eater!

An addition to his car. He finally agreed to leave Pikachu blocking the clock and seated on the dashboard, woohoo!

A great big thank you to Nuffnang as an overall to my amazing day. My apologies for coming in late though but the rides and the fun times was definitely worth it. Seriously though, Nuffnang. What's next? Bungee jumping? You guys are mad! Let's go again!

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  1. funnnnn! i wanna go play the vuvuzela too! =D

    1. It was AWESOME! Every experience was different from the other lol my friends and I went THREE TIMES.

  2. Replies

      *Slides on the raft*

  3. Sounds too scary for weaklings like me haha!

    1. Challenge yourself, Isabel! Do it while you're young then you can blame everything on your immaturity hahaha. When you're old then heart cannot take it then you'll regret not living it loud! :P

  4. Replies
    1. It was a great day and it was all thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia! :D

  5. Just watched the video again... did I hear u say "don't die ah?" >:/


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