The Music Of Harry Potter

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Let me start off this post by doing the usual: Grumbling about my assignments that are just sitting there, probably as tall as my toy Domokun if it were indeed a tangible thing to approach right now. And yes, I've complained on Twitter that I will not take my usual 5pm nap today unless I finish up whatever needs to be finished but I figured a blog post would still come above the rest I am.

Mother's Day had just past about 3 days ago and I too; like everyone else may mostly have done; did a blog post to my mother in hopes that she might have come across it seeing as that she is a *little* more tech savvy nowadays. That itself of course wasn't enough so I took her to a show at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra on Sunday itself hoping to take her away from home, away from her tablet PC and away from her pajamas! It was also a secret treat to myself (of course!) because they were playing The Music Of Harry Potter!

Just in case you ACTUALLY have no idea what Harry Potter is, go kill yourself this would be a great time to go on Google and hit up the search tab. Moving on, it was quite a big deal for me a month back when I scrolled through the MPO site looking for a show to go for since the "musician" in me felt like it and I literally screamed when I knew that they were playing The Music Of Harry Potter on the 11th and 12th of May. Luck wasn't on my side initially when tickets that I could afford were completely sold out...until about 2 weeks before the show and my friend tweeted me saying he couldn't make it for the show and if I would like to take over his tickets. TAKE ALL THE TICKETS!

 Woohoo tickets!

On the day of the orchestra, mum and I took to having some Japanese food for lunch at Amcorp Mall before heading down to KLCC by train because we didn't quite want to drive all the way downtown. It was fair, she couldn't have driven because it was Mother's Day and everything was about pampering her while I wasn't too familiar with the KL roads. We reached just before the show started and started panicking when we couldn't find the box office that initially kept our tickets. There were no intermissions so if we missed the starting, we would have missed the whole thing! We figure some magic was done beforehand and we still made it in the end. Must have been a Mother's Day witchcraft.

The experience to the show was amazing; one that was very different from the first two orchestras I've been to; the first being two years back and the second being the Final Fantasy one just a few months ago. It wasn't a long show, probably because it was listed as a "Family Fun Day" program and they had narrators tell us how the story went; book by book. It probably wasn't very necessary for hardcore fans like myself but it was good for those who were a little unclear of the entire Harry Potter franchise as well as to hype up the live of the show seeing as that there were loads of little kids below the age of 12 that I could spot. The show proved itself to be a worthy splurge especially at the beginning of it all when they played the Harry Potter medley to send goosebumps all over my tingling spine. It was...magical.

We left the hall at about 3.45pm after a little photo session when we spotted the narrators to go off for a little mother-daughter bonding over at Cafe Vienna. Not a good choice, their coffee was bad, their cake was too much and their creme brulee was fairly disappointing. Still an overall good day with amazing music and wonderful company though. It's always good with mummy. The Music Of Harry Potter; magical as the name suggests.

Mummy and I for an obligatory mother-daughter shot since it's Mother's Day!

Who appears to be Professor Dumbledore, Igor, mum and I.

Professor Dumbledore, Igor and I. It was a great touch to the show to have characters come to life.

And seeing as that not everyone got to go for the show, here's a compensation to what's you've missed. It's not the same when you hear it live but it will just have to do...until you get lucky to go for it again!

Brings tears to your eyes, no? *Sniffs*

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