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Here's a fat post for all ye fatty people out there! Last Friday was in fact Wesak Day and my first question to you would be, did you take it as a day to go for prayers or did you treat it as a public holiday? For me, I had fulfilled my prayers the night before so it was technically a public holiday for me after and I spent it eating out with my two aunts, my mother and my grandmother! It was a complete "Girls Day Out" thing while we abandoned left my dad home alone to do whatever he wanted to do. Our eatery of the day? Fitou Brasserie at Desa Park City.

It's got a great outdoor seating but not advisable when it's sunny out unless you're prepared to be fried.

The insides looks great enough for a classy day or night out!

Fitou Brasserie is located on the ground floor of Desa Park City's Waterfront and it completely overlooks the lake of the area. It's really comfortable to be there, especially on cloudy or semi windy days because it gives you a great closure to nature yet you're free to enjoy some chow down at the same time. Great environment for leisure days, I must say.

Sidetrack story: Fitou Brasserie is also pet friendly and waiters would immediately give your dogs a bowl of water when they notice that you have brought your furry friend together. The downside to that is however the fact that some people really just don't know how to control their dogs; allowing them to bark at everyone that passes by, resulting in scaring those who aren't too canine-happy. An example of that is in mum. 

As we walked over to Fitou, two little dogs (I'm not too sure of the breed, I'm not too dog friendly either unless it's of a very popular breeds) suddenly pounced out of nowhere, scaring my mum to her wits end. Really, I don't mind that you've brought your dogs out to enjoy the afternoon with you but PLEASE CONTROL them if you intend to have them out! If you know that your dogs are jumpy and are the types that barks at ANYONE who walks pass, put a freaking muzzle over them! I was so pissed at the couple who didn't even bother to apologize to us after seeing how scared my mum was following their dog pouncing and barking at her! The other man however was nicer and came over to us while my mum was still calming her nerves and apologized profusely for his dog's outburst. Staff at Fitou Brasserie was also kind enough to give mum a glass of water before even giving us the menu so that's a great plus point there for them!

I am still a little pissed at my sidetrack story and I'm hoping that it would serve a good reminder to all pet owners who brings their furry pals out. Have some considerations for people who don't exactly have to live in the same way that you do! Sigh...moving on. Fitou Brasserie basically serves a great mix of dishes from France, Spain and Italy; aptly taking the name of the small village located a few kilometres away from the Mediterranean coast of France.

Shitake Mushroom with Pesto Sauce (RM 15.00)

This was our first and accidental order because I had wanted something different and my aunt ordered this. The pesto sauce blends really well with the taste of the Shitake mushroom, giving the juicy and succulent fungus a good run for it's money. Served with chunks of what I believe to be slices of baguette, this should be made into a "must-order" when you visit Fitou Brasserie.

Button Mushrooms with Sauteed Garlic (RM 15.00)

THIS is in fact the original order I had wanted but I was pretty let down by it. Given that I am pretty spoiled with what our friend Nicholas used to serve when Veneeze was still in Jaya One. I think it's because of how oily it tasted, with all the oil still dripping beneath, stored in the bowl. It ended up making causing the button mushrooms to be soggy and it lacked the bite I was looking for in a dish I had such high expectations of.

Basket of Fries (RM 7.00)

We got ourselves a basket of fries because both my aunts had tried them before and we thought it would be the same this time round. In their accounts, the fries in Fitou used to be bigger, juicier and had a slight tinge of vanilla coating to it but when it came for us on that day, it lies to be nothing more than disappointing cuts of potatoes. Even stuff from Crazy Potato fares better. The only consolation was that it comes in a fairly big portion for the price tag it holds.

Nicoise Salad (RM 19.00)

This is better known as a tuna salad to us with eggs, lettuce leave, cherry tomatoes and potatoes unskinned thrown in with tuna and a drizzle of thousand island sauce. I really didn't like the salad but maybe that's just me considering I'm not much of a "vege" person. The fishy smell from the tuna completely turned me off regardless of how I wanted to have a stab of the egg and potatoes. Could have been better considering it costs RM 19.00 a plate.

Prawn & Bacon Aglio Olio (RM 28.00)

Here's to some pricey pasta! I had ordered this because I really didn't know what else to order when everything on the menu was either pork belly or beef ribs. I for one do NOT like fatty food so pork belly was a big no no for me and I don't take beef either so...I guess it was this or that. Sure, they had carbonara too but I was afraid it would be too thick for me (like every other food establishments that serves carbonara) and so I finally opted for this. It was nothing great to shout about really and I felt like the RM 28.00 price tag on it was a wee bit too much to swallow. Bacon was fat and prawns felt more like shrimps. 

Seafood Paella for 2 (RM 80.00)

A dish originating from Spain, the seafood paella from Fitou Brasserie packs itself with fish, mussels, prawns, squids and pork sausages as well as a dollop of rice and some diced capsicum on top. The portion was...SHOCKING to begin with and it might take some getting used to for someone who has never tried Paella in her life. I didn't quite like the taste of it while my mum and aunts also commented on how un-authentic it was compared to what they had from Camden Market back in London. Remember that this is a portion for 2 so gauge what you could eat before you order!

Creme Brulee (RM 12.00)

No eating out with me would ever be complete until I have my desserts and this was my pick of the day. I initially wanted the souffle that they had on the menu but I was in a complete let down when they said they didn't have it. The creme brulee was fine, nothing to complain about but it wasn't something to shout about either. I expected better but at least it wasn't too tough to swallow in the end. Definitely better than the one I had from Cafe Vienna the last time I was out with mum.

Of course, we had some drinks but they were all just very generic drinks and nothing much to shout out to being juices (presumably off bottles because they tasted like that) and a Mojito that was too strong for us to gulp. The total bill set us off to RM 276.10 including government taxes and service charges. Our verdict would be that Fitou Brasserie doesn't quite offer us what we had expected considering it's prominent placing in Desa Park City. The only dish worth mentioning was probably the Shitake mushrooms with Pesto Sauce and that was it. A place you could come to for a cup of coffee maybe but really not for dining. And remember about my sidetrack story if you're afraid of woofs!

Lot GF2, The Waterfront @ Park City,
5 Persiaran Residen, Desa ParkCity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 - 6280 8987

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