Why I Want A Havaianas!

By Elie - 11:10 AM

Hello all! If nobody actually knows, I do take effort to dress up on some days and on other days, I dress really terribly...even leaving the house with flip flops. I mean, there's regularly nothing wrong with that, right? They're comfortable, they're easy to wear and I never have to get worried about them getting dirty since everything's just washable with water. My flip flops however, has something to say about my everyday habits of using them. So do take a while to listen to what it has to lament about...

Hello there, my name's Bley. That's pronounced as black and grey all thrown in together because well, I'm of that colour. Here's a selca of me for your amusement...

Awesome, aren't I?

I used to get to hang out with all the other flip flops until one day when a crazy woman and her boyfriend walked into the store I belonged in. She started whining about needing new flip flops because her old ones were stolen but now I'm beginning to think that they just ran away! Her whining worked and she got a new pair of flip flops after that -  ME. So I had to start working for her since then.
You hardly see the printing on me anymore because this crazy woman wears me out almost every single day. Like, JUST GET OFF ME ALREADY. I swear if there was just a day I could start a revolution against her, I would. The way she drags me all around? I hate it! Look at how she's abusing me!
Look at that! Fatty's just stepping on me, dragging me everywhere she goes! It's ridiculous!
If that didn't sound bad enough, this woman actually leaves me whenever she gets sick of wearing me occasionally complaining that I'm too plain, too boring and too...worn out. It isn't my fault you're fat and couldn't pick a different colour back then! I would have had a better life too if you had taken a different pair than me! 
You're not even flipping me over! How dare you give me that skeptical look!

Okay, wait no. Don't touch me. DON'T TOUCH ME!
 Urgh, now what do you want huh? You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!

I did however hear her talking to her mum about this contest on winning a pair of Havaianas this morning and I was thinking, "Yes! Please win them! Please win them and release me from this torture! Please!" until she broke my concentration of stepping on me again. Sigh...
So please people; if there's a chance for this crazy woman to win a new pair of flip flops, just give it to her. Shove it in her face and let me have a chance at living a better life. Maybe then she'll stop complaining about boring and dull coloured flip flops since Havaianas comes in different colours and customizable designs. And then I could sit comfortably at home with her other abandoned shoes. Wait, no...what is this?! NO, WOMAN, GET OFF ME!!! AHHHHH!!!
Well, well aren't you a bitter pair of flip flop, Bley. Then again there is truth in whatever is being said. I do need and totally WANT a new pair of flip flops and hopefully it would be the winning pair from Havaianas! Wish me luck? :)

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  1. Lol! So funny! Reminds me of old primary school essay homework, "Saya sepasang slipper"

    1. Saya sepasang flip flop. "Owner" saya adalah seorang perempuan gila. Saya mahu dia menang flip flop yang baru supaya saya boleh berehat di rumah!

      I don't know the word for "owner" in Bahasa Malaysia. :P

  2. Replies
    1. *Blushes* You think I'm cute? :P

      Hehehe thank you :D


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