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By Elie - 11:21 AM

I remember days when I grew up thinking that I would never have to go through the phase of picking out skincare products or any forms of makeup to make myself look presentable. To me, I was fine the way I was without powder, without lipstick and without anything at all on my face. Heck, I even went out in the sun without sunblock and didn't care about having to take a dip in the pool and coming out to dry, flaky skin. I was a kid and nothing like that mattered.

I practically looked like this.
  Or if that wasn't a clear enough photo to show you how ridiculous I you go.

And like this too fml I'm glad puberty hit me.

But when the years rolled around and I realized I wasn't getting any younger, (not that I'm bloody old today but you get what I mean right?) I began realizing how everyone else around me looked better and made more effort as compared. That was when I learned that no matter how much I hated being a girl and had phases of life that made me look like a typical guy, it was time for me to grow up. So I went up to my mum and said, "Mum, I think I need stuff for my face." I think she was going to have a heart attack after that.

It wasn't easy trying to repair the face of a teenager who had already so much of damage done to it but with some effort, lots of knowledge and a heart put into it, everything worked! It's like magic! I call this magic: Laneige! It was really good to have had known this brand back then especially in all the wonder it does and even until today, it's still a great thing to have around me. And what exactly were the stuffs from Laneige that had saved my ugliness?

Laneige's Sliding Pact EX with SPF 50+/PA+++ 
Pretty isn't it? It's slides right down to reveal the powder beneath and there's a mirror for you to get the powder precisely where you need it.

So I lied. I didn't do much to my skin because it wasn't that bad to begin with, it was just my sense of fashion and my ignorance that made me so ugly. It was still good however to have had Laneige come into my life because I learned that having powder on my face made loads of difference. It somewhat concealed away my ridiculous pores and puffed away my dark eye circles! Packing up high UV protection of SPF50+ and blocking away UVA and UVB from it's PA+++ is the ultimatum when I am lazy to bring extra sunblock when I go travelling.  
 This is how I travel nowadays with (hidden) facial wash, shampoo, conditioner and body shampoo all stolen from hotels, body lotion, travel sized toothpaste and toothbrush, medicine for stomachaches and the Laneige Sliding Pact. No more sunblock to bring. *Insert sloth face for laziness impact*

The special long lasting UV protection from this powder pact made it even better to use and goes onto my face without creating ugly lumps or uneven spreading so it actually looks very natural and it looks as if I still put no effort in powdering up. The matte finishing is probably my favourite thing to have been thrown into this sliding pact because I've got a naturally oily T-zone and the oil-absorbing material definitely helps a lot!

And the best thing of all to this Laneige Sliding Pact EX? It gets thrown into my handbag without having to worry about the powder cracking up of flaking with my rough handling. It's compact, sturdy and convenient for me to lug around without having to complain that it is heavy or whatsoever! Don't believe me? 

Notebook, portable charger, iPod, purse, pens, jacket, sunglasses and finally there's my Laneige Sliding Pact EX comfortably seated on top of everything.

That's all the things it has to fight with on a good day when I go to college. Other days, there's probably a word search book thrown in, my Nintendo DS included and my phone alongside in there. Good luck, sliding pact but so far so good. It's one of the best makeup products I've been using which is why it's also my favourite Laneige makeup product of all times! 
Ending my post with a better picture of me considering you had to live with the ugly shots above. You're most welcome. And also there's a really nice MV below thanks to my sudden addiction to Song Hye Kyo's old series; Full House. Maybe someday I could look as pretty as her. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

The art of camwhoring after powdering up on a sunny holiday! 
She's so cute here with Rain. I can't help wishing to be her sometimes... 

By the way, this is for a contest entry to Nuffnang's Laneige K-Beauty Blogger contest but everything I said was true, okay? Including being as pretty as Song Hye Kyo. I am shameless, I know. 

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