Le Ann Maxima's Spring Summer Fashion Showcase

By Elie - 6:00 AM

Indeed this is an extremely backdated post but I've been kind of waiting for Ning to post up pictures of this event so I could *borrow* them. (Okay la she's put them up long ago but I've just been rushing a number of personal things!) Why exactly would I do that when I'm putting up a blog post too? Well you see, I had gotten to the venue a little late because class ended at 3pm and the event started at 2.30pm. My bad, of course but I really, really tried. Second of all, that was the exact same week that my S3 was sent in for a service whereby my entire motherboard was replaced due to some manufacturing problems so...I had no camera to use! Being a blogger without a camera is honestly HORROR so thank you, God (and Samsung) for returning my S3 to me at absolutely no charge.

Anyway here's the main deal. I was scrolling through Facebook some nights back and noticed an invitation for the Le Ann Maxima Spring Summer Fashion Showcase that was going to be held at The Scot's, Jaya One. So I thought, "Well that's cool, I could go over after class on Thursday!" and that was what I exactly did!

Boasting radiant colours and a feminine touch to their clothes, Le Ann Maxima rolled out their Spring and Summer collection for 2013 on the 25th of April. Expect lots of floral prints too; something I used to hate but somehow this collection has changed my perception towards it completely. Not going to hold you up any longer, (I've already done that for two weeks and I'm sorry!) here's some pictures to feast on:

All picture credits to Ning Thank you in advance for letting me use these pictures! You're so awesome I could cry.

Flustered up with black, yellow and a tinge of red and blue. This could be well to do for a casual day out.

THIS is a pretty dress in vibrant colours like blue, peach, yellow and beige. It's like a perfect date / dinner / whatever event dress without standing out too much and yet you wouldn't be thrown in the "boring fashion" corner.

I really like this mint coloured dress that comes with very VERY fine studs. It's like a shine amidst this piece of fascination. Epic pairing with the skinny belt for a pretty finish.

Super awesome body con dress from Le Ann Maxima. I'm a sucker for black dresses so sue me.

Bright yellow skinny dress. It's like sunshine - indoors.

Pairing an off white tank with a milky yellow pencil skirt topped with a mint blue pullover. It actually sounds like something I would wear to work.

Vibrant yellow V-neck dress. I really, really like this. I don't know about you but this is like epic pretty for me.

And finally my favourite pieces makes its debut! A toga dress with green motifs as well as an almost matching top paired with a simple black skirt!

In all honesty, I've never liked clothes with loads of prints or cray motifs but check out this toga dress! The moment I saw it on the model, I fell in love with it. I wanted to rip it off her and run away with it - screaming in delight and squealing in a high pitched voice. THAT'S how badly I wanted this dress. And I still want it, by the way. *Hint hint anyone?*

There's a whole lot more in the Le Ann Maxima Spinr and Summer 2013 collection but I obviously can't show them all here. You can however go onto Ning's Facebook album and go crazy over all the dresses. They are all pretty in a style of their own but I've simply picked out those that I have absolute drools for ESPECIALLY the toga dress. 

The art director of Le Ann Maxima - Alexio with the pretty models of the day. Spot my favourite toga dress in this picture!

Thank you again, Alexio for the invites and being so understanding as to why I had to arrive late. It was such a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to attend this fashion showcase. 

A good end to the Le Ann Maxima Spring / Summer Fashion Showcase 2013 - Models and bloggers shot

Now about that toga dress...

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  1. Some cute dresses there. They all look a tad too short for my long legs though...

    1. Good God I am in love with the toga dress. STILL IN LOVE!


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