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Have you ever had a tough time trying to plan out a party for people of different ages to enjoy? I mean, you can't have an 80s party for a 7 year old kid in the year 2013 or have a group of 30 year old crowd come to a Spongebob party right? (Not judging whoever turns 30 and will have a Spongebob party, I swear!)

So maybe you could say, "I could just figure out a party where everything is neutral like just a colour themed party or something classy like everyone comes in looking fairytale-ish!" Sure you can do that, but isn't it a killer to look out for party deco and everything else that you would need for that certain day? *Cue the epic hero music* This is where you can come across Party Hat!

For those of you who have no idea who Party Hat are...well here's a quick background check. It's actually run by two pretty ladies; Angeline and Audrey and they specialize in organizing themed parties as well as providing you party necessities be it at home or in the designated venue of your party choice. So seriously, there isn't a need for you to go crazy overnight trying to figure out the right theme for the party you want to have. Just throw it to Angeline and Audrey and let them settle it.

 They could decorate your tables and turn nothing into something!

Party services for children (Or adults if you like stuff like these!) includes Princess Pamper parties where little girls can come around living the life of a royalty with their nails painted, their light makeup done and have everything topped off with a tiara to be Princess Pretty for the day!

Because every little girl deserves to feel like a princess at least once in their life!

If princess dos aren't your child's kind of thing, there's always a Cupcake Decorating Party for kids to feel like a baker for the day. Seriously though this is really fun because each child gets two freshly baked cupcakes and they could squeeze on frosting of all sorts of colours and throw on some delicious toppings to make it their own Mona Lisa...on a cupcake of course.

They even get little chef hats for utmost hygiene!

Also they wouldn't come up with such fail cupcake decorations like I did for my 1st year anniversary with Y-Kin.

Or if you're ready to kick it up a notch, how about turning full Italian and giving them a good treat of the Pizza Making Party? You don't even need to order commercial pizzas anymore when every child gets two mini pizza doughs, fresh and healthy toppings plus an uber cool certificate to go with the completion of the pizza!

Hello Kitty pizza? Or maybe someone should come up with an Ironman pizza, that'll be nice!

But enough about pleasing little children, how about coming up with things for us adults? Well then don't worry, Party Hat isn't just all about giving children a good party time, we grown ups have our chances for party rocking too! There's loads to get from Party Hat like chocolate wrappers, bottle labels, food toppers and gift tags just to name a few and everything; I mean EVERYTHING could well be personalized to suit the theme of your party! 

No one would judge you even if you asked for an Elmo sticker from Party Hat!

Enough of me rambling, a lot more of you getting along to have some party stuff from Party Hat! Here's how you could get in touch with Angeline and Audrey:

Stalk them on Facebook
E-mail them at
Spam their Whatsapp or send them a friendly text at +6017 380 5560

Go forth now, Shneep-ers! Get party rocking and rock that party with Party Hat!

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