The Vuvuzela Challenge

By Elie - 5:29 AM

Could you ever imagine plunging down a building just about 11 floors high? It sounds suicidal but it's all in good fun with the world's largest water ride; the Vuvuzela over at Sunway Lagoon! Kicking up to 3,360 meters of the whole water park, the Vuvuzela goes on and on for over 152 meters with mad water rapids so you could imagine yourself being washed away through a roaring river; minus the danger! The ride even finds its own attraction at night with it's colourful LED light display, all programmed and set to go specifically for nothing but the Vuvuzela only!

Taking a night ride, anyone?
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Don't fret if you're a scaredy-cat! The Vuvuzela is well equipped with its own elevator to pick up the rafts to the launch deck and each raft sits up to 6 people at once so you're not alone on the zero gravity experience. *Cue the MJ song* It will however be quite a good scream when you go through 5 crazy oscillations of the Vuvuzela before being spat into the enclosed flume and ending over at the Vuvuzela splashdown pool! Sounds crazy? It sounds like the perfect enjoyment to me!

You're not alone while you splash to death, there's 5 other people with you!
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The best thing about the Vuvuzela is that they care for the shorties because you just have to be at least 3"7 (110cm) to be eligible to ride! Every raft could even pack up to 454kgs of riders so it doesn't matter even if you're a little on the chubby side! You're still much loved by the Vuvuzela raft! If that doesn't already sound like the coolest thing already, riders would even get to go home with a video of their screams and cries for adrenaline-rushing help because of the attached cameras and audio recorders for memories' sake!

Are you ready to ride?
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So why exactly am I telling you about this mad ride? Well if you didn't know, let ME tell you! It's because Nuffnang's bring 30 crazy Nuffnangers to experience the Vuvuzela at Sunway Lagoon! April's over and my calendar's up to date, so rest assured this isn't a joke with full details here! They asked why I would actually want to gear up with Nuffnang for a bloggers' day-out at Sunway Lagoon so here's my answer: It'll take some crazy people with crazy nerves to hop on THAT raft and go on the ride and last I checked, I'm not that sane either! So PICK ME, PICK ME to go crazy! Plus, if you picked me, I'd show you this face throughout the ride:

Shot and edited by Wai Kin...who didn't let me change into better clothes or put on make up because he was rushing to go off sheesh. So yeah, here's me bare faced in my baju tidur. Live with it!

Yes, I'd either be too shock shelled to scream or I might just scream my lungs out that you will see it roll by itself through the Vuvuzela and I'd need to go on a treasure hunt to find it when the adventure ends. Phew. PICK ME, PICK ME!

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