Test Your Sandwich Ala Nuffnang

By Elie - 9:32 AM

I hardly ever do blog posts like these to promote such silly things but somehow I feel happy enough about my attempt this time to dedicate one to myself (and mum of course!) so here goes. Yesterday when I was in class, I scrolled through Facebook and came across Nuffnang's morning post for #NNTipsOnThurs on making a sandwich in the most epic way possible. I was determined to make it on some weekend when I go shop for whatever ingredients I would have needed. What I didn't know was that my dad had planned to go to 1Utama last night to get a gift...so I had my chance to get whatever I needed!

The last few times I attempted making food the cool way, it either ended up looking just ordinary or it just all went down the drain of failure. They included spaghetti through a sausage, non-bake lemon cheesecakes and some other stuff I don't quite remember. Now as much as I don't come across people's minds as a girl who likes being in the kitchen, I have to say they are quite wrong. I just half the time don't have the resources because we don't stock up at home or that I'm afraid nobody eats whatever I make. It's not that I'm bad at it, it's just that I have an acquired taste far more different from my family.

Today though, I managed to convince my mum to try out this one thing with me and she agreed that it could be a cool thing to do. *Cue the happy song* It was not just fun but also very good to taste so here goes!

This is the original picture posted up by Nuffnang as seen here.

And this is my rendition of the sandwich ala Nuffnang!

Not too bad eh? It's pretty easy to make actually but you really have to watch out for an overly fried / burnt egg because then the entire sandwich would be ruined. It might take some tries if you're a rookie chef like me or if you're awesome like my mum, it'll just give you one try and you could get whatever as above.

What you need:
  • A slice of bread per set. Thick toast is preferable!
  • An egg
  • A slice of ham
  • A slice of cheese
  • Some oil
Your how-to:
  1. Cut up a hole in the middle of the bread, leaving only the sides and put in on a slightly heated pan
  2. Pour a little bit of oil in the middle so you could fry the egg
  3. Crack the egg and GENTLY put it in the pan, allowing the sides of the bread to "trap" the egg
  4. Wait a little while for the egg to get cooked then put a slice of ham into it
  5. Add on a slice of cheese (Or you could have a slice of cheese after the egg, then ham it THEN cheese it again if you like the gooey taste!)
  6. Put the cut out of the bread into the "hole" and try to flatten it into the sides
  7. Flip the sandwich over to give your bread a little toast
  8. Pick it up, cut and DEVOUR!
 Nothing much, just showing off my sandwich because I managed to do it and I'm happy that way!
It's a good tip though if you let the bread get a little more brown and toasted so that it is crunchy and more fragrant. When cracking the egg, make sure you put it into the hole GENTLY or the egg whites would just flow out of the bread sides and you wouldn't get the effect above! It's also good if you could manage to get the cheese a lot more melted so maybe if you take it out of the fridge beforehand, it'll be better. If you're a small eater like myself, one set is enough to fill you up but if you're worried about not being full enough, then make two sets and get satisfied! So there, the #NNTipsOnThurs tried, proven and succeeded! I'll just throw in a name for it to make myself happy. Nuffwich maybe?

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