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Every once in a while, I get a little weird and I go on and on about odd meal cravings that drives Wai Kin nuts. I mean, I could demand for Italian food at one moment and the very next, I would be putting down my order for Fish & Chips. Close but no cookie if you get what I mean. It was no different in the beginning of this week when I first told him about how I've been dying for some Korean bibimbap (rice with vegetables and Korean sauce) and suggested we have lunch on Tuesday at KimchiHaru in Jaya One after class. Truth is, he isn't quite the type of person who would go for Korean or Japanese food or even Western food to be honest. If he could have things his way, it would be mixed rice at the corner coffee shop at Section 17 everyday!

But he agreed anyway since I haven't kept my mouth shut about bibimbap ever since our farewell dinner with Mimi and the Nuffies at Bulgogi Brothers, Pavillion. However the craving died off in a complete sudden on Monday when I couldn't take my regular 5pm nap and I sat up thinking... "I need a burger. And not just those regular McD burgers, I needed something with a better kick, something less commercialized." With that, my hunt on Google began. Throwing in "Burgers around PJ" to the search box gave me an endless choice of burger joints with myBurgerLab constantly turning up, Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw taking up some space and finally, Jackson's.

My eyes were set, we were NOT going for KimchiHaru on Tuesday. Jackson's it would be and nothing could have taken my mind off it...for that moment. I think I sort of did regret not getting my bibimbap after that but I could always go for it another day. Cravings are such odd things to satisfy. Coming back on Jackson's, it has been a burger joint of which I had completely forgotten about. My father used to take me there often back in my high school days when he had to go back to the office after picking me up and that itself was pretty memory worthy! Hidden around the housing areas of Section 14 when you drive straight from 3 Two Square, Jackson's is all about homemade patties grilled with butter, butter and more butter.

Operating under a tree from a van are Jackson's Burger at Section 14, PJ!

Frying up yummy homemade patties with fluffy buttered buns!

It's tricky to find Jackson's because they don't stay at a certain spot and stops wherever their van could; hopefully under trees and wherever there is space enough for their customers to sit on stools and enjoy their burgers piping hot! Wai Kin and I nearly overshot their van but I guess it's still difficult to miss out on them if you put your heart to it. We were there fairly early just to avoid the office lunch crowd and service was really fast.

Wai Kin called out for a beef burger with cheese, onions, cucumbers, chilli sauce and ketchup all throw in!

According to him, it lacked oomph on the first bite but it was fine after when the flavours began seeping in bit by bit. The patties weren't like usual Ramli patties, being less compressed and has a homey taste to it; somewhat like what you would expect your mum to diligently prepare for you. It still makes you feel full but he wished he remembered to tell the aunty to add on a fried egg. The meal costed him RM 5.80 including a can of cold Kickapoo to wash everything down.

My fattening order of a crab burger with fried egg, cheese, cucumbers and ketchup

The crab burger isn't something that they have on their menu but when you ask for it, they would gladly prepare you one. I'm not entirely sure though if it is indeed made of crab meat but there is a hint of crabby taste to it if you savour it long enough. Omitting the onions was a choice for me because I hate onions but the gooey and melty cheese was perfect especially given how I love gooey cheese! The damage was RM 6.40 including a can of cold chrysanthemum tea.

Chee Young's double chicken patty burger with fried egg, cheese, onions, cucumbers, chilli sauce and ketchup finish!

We also brought along Chee Young for lunch and this was his order. He didn't give much talk to it but it looks like a whole lot to gulp down in which he walloped within 5 minutes. His verdict was that of almost similiar to Wai Kin's, it's something you would expect your mum to make you if she weren't too busy cleaning the house, washing your clothes and drying your underwear. Coming up with a price tag of RM 8.40 including a can of cold 100 Plus, it was pretty worthy a bite.

Diverging away from the commercialized burger joints, Jackson's is indeed a good place van to look out for in times of burger cravings especially if you're tight on budget. It's also a good thing that they're open in the noon while most of these burger places opens later in the evening - even Ramly burger stalls! Their patties are all homemade so that's a fair bit of MSG free guarantee...unless they've done something to their patties too. They apparently also serve fish burgers and hot dogs but I've decided to save those for another day when I have cravings for them again. Taste wise they do deserve a tummy agreement of 8/10 and multiple revisits whenever possible!

To get yourself a taste of Jackson's, just take a slow drive along Jalan 14/29, Section 14, Petaling Jaya from 11.30 AM till 5 PM. Off days are not fixed though so make sure you pray hard they are open when you go! Great news for my Muslim buddies, Jackson's is PORK FREE! :)

Now about my bibimbap craving...I should start messaging Wai Kin.

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