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What would you have thought when you came across the name "Tokyo Pastry" when scrolling through pictures and blog reviews? Assuming you had the same thinking as mine, it would have been that it's a Japanese joint with everything from the Land of the Rising Sun. Alas this isn't quite the case of this particular bakery & cafe that I visited with my mum and aunt Cindy last Sunday. Introducing "Tokyo Pastry" that isn't quite "Tokyo" per say.

They've come up with a menu that's simply printed on regular paper and snapped on to a clipboard.

I found this place off the Internet about two months back when my girlfriend Pui Yi took her sister there for a bite to eat before her sister got whisked off to National Service and I've been wanting to try the place since. What intrigued me was that it was called "Tokyo Pastry" but sported a very British look inside. They even appeared to have English tea sets in Pui Yi's photographs and I figured it must be a great place to try out. So when last Sunday came, I thought of taking mum and aunt Cindy out for a treat and took off to Kota Damansara.

A warm greeting of the counter as you enter!

And you may walk in further to check out an array of pastries and buns they have! That's...mum in her stripey shirt and jeans pondering over food!

Plus you could even opt to have a seat and order something to drink to go with your pastries and bun!

Random pretty deco that Tokyo Pastry had around the shop

A classy old gamaphone on display!

Plus one of those old school cameras for a vintage feel

The deco of the shop makes you wonder if the owner had his or her geography completely mixed up because there was nothing in the store that showed even an inch of being all Tokyo-ish. I bet he or she had been sleeping through classes just like I did and had a little East and West confusion somewhere around. The couches were comfortable to sit on though and plug points were readily available depending on where you sat. WiFi is also available but you'd have to ask for the password from the staff.

 Their buns were placed in "English bookshelves" and you're expected to do some self-servicing but plates are available upon request

More breads; simply placed on top of chests!

 Chilled buns, tarts and cupcakes as well as macarons

Whole cakes are available whilst sliced cakes are a little limited

There were loads of buns and cakes to choose from so it takes someone very decisive to really sit down with what they would indeed want or if you're like me, then I guess it's time I wished you good luck if you decided to take your pick. Everything looks great on the rack and in the chiller but everything was a guessing game because it was my first time there. Their macarons however were a little pricey with three pieces going off for RM 10. I didn't try them though, maybe it could be worthy of the price tag but I wouldn't want to risk it.

Mum opted for the Oreo Choko bun (RM 2.80) because I read a review online that it tasted great. It was in fact nothing great; just a bun with chocolate cream filling inside and apparently it's sprinkled with Oreo crumbs on top.

I picked out the Vanilla Hokkaido (RM 3.50) in which according to the staff was just a cupcake with vanilla cream on the inside. The cupcake was fluffy to begin with but a little on the dry side while the cream wasn't enough. I had to thoroughly dig into it just to get some cream and it finished up pretty quickly too.

My aunt Cindy had a Garlic Butter bun (RM 2.60) in which I felt was a bit too greasy for my liking. The garlic smell to it was to a good gauge though, not overpowering the entire bun but the oiliness irked me a little.

Mum went on a second round and took a Golden Flossy bun (RM 2.60) only to find that it was just chicken floss with some sort of sauce that was a little spicy and tangy at the same time stuffed inside a bun. She didn't like it that much but commented that the bun was really fluffy and soft so that's a plus side I suppose.

I initially thought of ordering the burgers that they had on the menu with prices starting from RM 12.90 but decided not to when their buns didn't quite meet our expectations for a bakery and pastry house. It was pretty disappointing actually considering how good everything looked on the rack and when it was presented on plate.

I asked for an Iced Mint Flavoured Latte (RM 9.90) simply because I'm a sucker for everything mint and I needed something that was cooling yet had a good shot of caffeine kick. Not only was it not frothy enough as a latte, there was also no coffee taste to this latte. All my tongue could pick up was a slightly distinctive mint syrup and that was just it.

Mum got the Iced Latte (RM 8.90) expecting just the same things that I did only to be disappointed that there was no coffee kick nor enough milk to compliment it leaving it just bland and cold. The Coke (RM 3.50) was probably the best drink we had from Tokyo Pastry and it was Aunt Cindy's pick. Smart choice.

As an overall, Tokyo Pastry did not live up to our expectations at all in terms of taste. Sure, the deco looked great and what not but it was just sad to have left with crushed hopes considering how pretty it looked. The staffs were also a little slow on service, delivering us the latte only about 15 minutes after we've ordered and they took to being concerned on whether or not we needed anything...like a plate to take our bun picks. It was as though we were expected to eat off the tray or something and that was just weird.

They did however respond quickly to give us this pretty wooden box! We didn't know what for though...

Only for us to realize that it was actually just for them to store the bill in. It's pretty smart though because then the coins (in case there were any) wouldn't fall off through the transit of the customer's hands to the waitress' and finally to the cashier and vice versa on change!

The total damage for the three of us amounted to RM 36.40 including service charges and we felt like it was a little on the pricey side for food and drinks of such quality. Nothing but the word "disappointing" sums off my experience with Tokyo Pastry better because I had really expected much more from a place that looked so pretty and pleasing to the eye. Oh well, the next treat for mum and my aunts would be back to Winter Lover Bakery House or even Poco Homemade. If you've got a good place to share on afternoon tea times do let me know! There is a good part in me that loves eating and getting fat with my forever skinny mum when my dad is away for golf! Shhh...it's a mother-daughter secret!

Thanks for a yummy Sunday afternoon, mummy!
Stole this picture off my Instagram with effects from 美圖秀秀

And an uncalled for OOTD in front of Tokyo Pastry. Care to share some love for my new denim top from BOS at only RM 49.90? Because I'm in love with it!


2A-1, JALAN PJU 5/9,

TEL: 603 - 6151 2896


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