Eating Out: Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

By Elie - 4:00 AM

As the title suggests, the family has eaten out again and this time we ventured into a little store a little more famous for the old time childhood story than the food itself. That's right, it's the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf. Located prominently inside Village Grocer and just by the bend of the outdoor parking to Bangsar Village, this food joint opens up from 9AM till 11PM so you're good to go in for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. I would say supper but 11PM feels a tad bit too early for that.

They huffed and they puffed...

The entrance to the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf is fairly tricky from the insides of the mall where you actually have to walk over to the bakery section of Village Grocer and then a little further in and there's a tiny door for you to enter the dark and edgy Big Bad Wolf. You could also enter from the open air parking lot through a tiny little door so good luck squeezing through.

I'm sorry, dude in crutches waiting for a table. You were just...there.

Inside the Big Bad Wolf lies a cozy atmosphere but the noise level truly elevates akin to the morning market of Lucky Garden what with the busy chatters, order taking and everything else you could possibly hear.

Lots of chattering, lots of food.

And lots more people waiting for a table.

Then there's more hungry people...

And a whole lot who seemed to have been done but were still sitting there hogging up tables!

We waited just a little over 10 minutes for a table although the manager, Parvin initially said we may have to wait for about 20 minutes so that was great for us. We quickly placed our orders and waited anxiously because there seemed to be a fair deal of good reviews online for this joint. Plus we were all really tired after being at my niece's full moon party all day long so it was more of an eat and run thing for us. It also happened to be the day before Father's Day so we figured it would be great to celebrate it at a shot before Chef got too busy to be with us again.

Mum called out for a Long Black (RM 8) just for her daily coffee fix. 

I didn't try it but it wasn't exactly aromatic considering how I didn't get the whiff of coffee smells even when I snapped this picture. Mum didn't go, "OHMYGOD IT'S SO GOOD" either so I suppose it's just mediocre. They didn't even give her a biscotti! *Glares* How could you serve long black with no biscottis?! Dude, even Shahzeeq would feed us biscottis and you don't?! *Sighs*

My PBJ milkshake (RM 16) with dad's full pint of Connor's Stout (RM 20) hiding behind.

This was a risk taking order because I had initially fixated myself on the Nutella milkshake but switched midway for the PBJ milkshake because it sounded like the most impossible thing to throw in as a drink. To my funny surprise, this was really awesome and I couldn't stop sipping on it. It was frothy and milky just to the right texture but wasn't too sweet that it made me (or my mother) cringe. Put it on the must-try list if you happen to go there! Chef called for plain water...which needs no pictures right?

The One That Didn't Get Away aka Pork Ribs (RM 79)

An apparent house special, The One That Didn't Get Away is an order of their pork ribs seasoned in St Louis style sauce placed to be grilled until tender. I must say they did a good job in getting it to the tender part but the sauce wasn't exactly that great. It was good, but I've tasted better such as the one I had with the Nuffies after the Nuffnang Birthday Bash. Eff my life, I've forgotten the name of the shop but that was delicious. This is good, but that's better. Still a good try but don't expect a bomb from this.

Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice (RM 24)

Mum stuck to the Asian in her that night and ordered the Lemongrass Pork Chop rice expecting more of a savoury dish than a sweet one. When I say that, it goes to tell you that this dish is actually fairly sweet which made it awkward to eat with rice. Also, it didn't look much like a "pork chop" per say; it looked much more like minced pork in black gravy of blah blah to me. The lemongrass aroma to it was overwhelming so don't risk it if you're no fan of lemongrass. Don't even go for it if you're thinking, "I could take a little lemongrass." because this is no "little" lemongrass. It's as if lemongrass was free to use in the kitchen and they just threw it all into one order.

My order of The Big Bad Burger (RM 28)

I am attempting to show off the juicy pork patty, smoked pork bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with hickory smoked BBQ sauce. Note that I said *attempting*. I failed.

 I also attempted a "food blogger" face to show off how big the order was and stuff. I think I look rad with my burger!

They had a little chef's hat by the side of this order so I assumed that it was their chef's recommendation or something. It was overall okay, nothing that amazing to shout about. The patty was juicy alright and the bacon was a good topping to it with a good squirt of the sauce. The bread however was a little dry for my liking, only a little center of it being drizzled in what appeared to be a little of the hickory smoked BBQ sauce. I was a little disappointed...I expected more. Even the chicken burger I had from The Daily Grind a few weeks back for Rebecca's birthday was better!

So by now you must be wondering, where is my father's order? Did I not mention that it was to celebrate Father's Day? Why is the father who was being celebrated of Father's Day not eating? Truth is, he never got the chance to. You see, my dad had ordered the simplest order off the menu of the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf; a plate of Fish & Chips. But it was odd because Chef's pork ribs came first, then mum's pork chop rice and my burger after yet we never saw the Fish & Chips coming. Every other table that came after us had been getting their food but the Fish & Chips never seemed to have found its way to our table.
 And my poor daddy ended up looking like THIS all night! Stupid goddamn bloody Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf!

We asked about three different waiters and waitresses for 6 to 7 times to check on our order of the Fish & Chips and only one waiter with neck length hair and gold highlights came back to us and said, "It will be here in a minute, miss." He lied. The fish never swam to us and we just got so fed up that we demanded to see the manager, Parvin, who had initially taken my reservation earlier on. He apologized but still the fish never got to us. What ridiculed and angered me most was that one of the waitresses whom I terribly regret not remembering her name right now gave us the most snarky and horrible attitude anyone of the service industry could have. She completely waved her hand at us as though it was a norm for US paying customers to wait for a stupid plate of Fish & Chips. Frustrated of waiting, we called for the bill and demanded to leave...and the Fish & Chips came.
 We have to threaten to leave to get our food? Really?
We still told them off and made them bring it back to the kitchen and didn't pay for the Fish & Chips in the end anyway. I mean, was it THAT difficult to make us a plate of Fish & Chips? All you had to do was put some chips into the fryer, coat two fish fillets and fry them up then serve with tartar sauce.  THAT.WAS.IT. None of the service staffs bothered to check on us while we craned our necks up over and over again and none of them also came back to tell us when we told them to "check on the order" with one even giving us her ridiculous attitude! I really wish I had gotten her name, I would have thrown it all over this post and had someone do something about it.

The girl who brought us the receipt and Chef's card back also had a terrible attitude, shaking her legs and showing us a face as though it was a bad thing for us to check through our receipt to make sure they never billed us for the Fish & Chips that never got to us. And I'm pretty sure we weren't the only table who never got their food served because I overheard the family who were there before us demanding for their Baked Meatballs Penne that never got to them either. "We're done with our dessert and the pasta isn't even here yet!" the man said. So I guess this was indeed a norm for Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf that food doesn't get to their patrons. No wonder the waitress could just shove her hand at us when we made her check on the order.

Overall our first experience has also become our last to the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf not only because the food was mediocre but also that the service completely, downright sucks! Their waiters and waitresses speaks very poor English, except for Parvin and the waitress who took our order (Julie was her name I think). I had called half an hour prior to arriving hoping to make a reservation but the girl on the phone was mumbling "Sorry ma'am we don't blergh blergh blergh blergh blergh." and I had to ask her about 7 times what on Earth she was mumbling about. The phone call lasted about 5 minutes before I had to dissect the conversation word by word only to know that she was saying "Sorry ma'am, we do not take in reservations on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays." Girl, please just say "weekends" or pass the phone to someone who does not mumble through their English.

It's a risk you have to take if you really decide to venture to the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf but I for one will not return until they decide that they will in fact do something about the terrible service. The damage in total set Chef off RM 192.50 with a RM 17.50 service charge...for service that we didn't even get! The food isn't fantastic and the service is horrific. Good luck if you still want to go ahead and try. I think I'll just go back to The Daily Grind if I want a burger. I went up to their Facebook page to complain and realized that I wasn't the only person who thought they needed a complete buck up on the service. I also remembered after visiting their page that Aki had been there a while back and encountered the same thing. Man, I got to start remembering stuff like this from now on!

Tel: 603-2283 2270

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  1. Great foods, but I'm sorry to hear you have to waited long for it!


    1. The food is fine to be honest. Nothing fantastic but it is still fine. The service however is just down the drain and gone off to the sewerage long before anyone could even say, "Excuse me". :(


  2. It's look Nice & Delicous..
    But I'm cannot visit this Restaurant... Hu3

    1. Oh dear. That's fine, there are lots more restaurants out there with yummy food too so don't be sad! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I felt so terrible! It was a celebration for Father's Day and the only person who didn't get their food was...THE FATHER. ><


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