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I suddenly seem like such a fatty, going all over for food and stuff but trust me...I am a fatty so eff my life. Anyway it's just really by luck that I have not been patronizing the same places I always do and that my family has gotten a little more adventurous so lucky me...and you that you get to read about them! I am truly believing that there are indeed people reading my blog and they actually enjoy it. I'm just in denial.

Anyway, my father, uncle and I ventured into one of the less noticeable lanes of SS2 last Friday and thought of having our lunch at Teow Chew Meng that serves (no kidding) Teo Chew dishes. What happened however was that dad came across this shop before parking the car and said, "Hey, why don't we try out this shop instead?" He was completely sold for the fact that they mentioned the word "Hailam" in their signboard I guess. You see, my mother is of Hailam descendents and my dad is always on the lookout for all these Hailam foods...because he's used to it.

They didn't even spell "Hailam" right!

It's probably not a good idea to come here on a hot day because there's no air-conditioning turned on. The insides of the shop was simple, with tables just here and there and their walls were covered with stickers of drinks they had and newspaper clippings of their past interviews. I must however assume that they have been around for a quite a while yet we've just failed to realize their existence because the newspaper clippings were pretty backdated to begin with.

 A piece of Guang Ming daily dating back to year 2010!

They were also on The Malay Mail in the year 2010! WHAT HAVE WE BEEN LOOKING AT FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS?!

Simple decorations are the best of decorations. Ting's Cafe totally nails that.

The menu that we were offered simply came in laminated paper and they served both Asian and Western food together. Be it fried rice, souped noodles or pork chops or even finger foods such as sandwiches and fries, Ting's Cafe seemed to have it all.

Club Sandwiches (RM 6.50)

Seeing as that it was about 3-ish, I didn't want anything heavy just in case dinner came early for us and I ordered a set of club sandwiches. It came with cheese, two slices of ham and a fried egg. The bread was fairly oily to begin with and the ham was possibly those that we could get from Aeon or Aeon Big (formerly known as Carrefour). As an overall, it's just stuff we could make at home unlike the ones at my clubhouse.

Regular Sandwiches (RM 5)

Dad had initially eaten before picking me up from college and ordered a set of regular sandwiches instead. The difference between these sandwiches and the club sandwiches is that you get to pick between ham, egg, cheese, ham and cheese, egg and cheese or ham and egg. Basically you can only get up to two fillings, however the combo matches your fancy. Just like my sandwiches, the bread was oily and everything was pretty homey to begin with so it's nothing all that great.

Hailam Chicken Chop (RM 18.50)

Here's to a heftily overpriced Hailam Chicken Chop that wasn't promising at the first sight. True enough, the gravy wasn't as thick and flavourful as we expected it to be and the chips tasted pretty weird. With the price tag of RM 18.50, I would have thought to get more out of it but apparently not. I would rather pitch in RM 1.50 more for two plates of pork chop from Yut Kee in KL!

Mixed fruits and vegetable juice (RM 7.80)

Both my uncle and father asked for the same thing; a mix of ginger, carrots and apple. For RM 7.80, I guess it's a fair trade. I mean, you've got three types of things in your one juice so you have to give it some credit, no?

Mixed fruits and vegetable juice (RM 7.80)

No, I did not just put up the same picture. This is MY order; a mix of tomato, carrots and apple. I really liked it for the refreshing taste and the tangy twist which I assume is of the tomato and the apple actually. It wasn't awkward to drink at all so that's a great plus point and I didn't regret ordering it. 

We paid RM 53.40 in total for 3 juices, 2 sandwiches and a serving of chicken chop which I felt was a little on the pricey side. Granted that the juices were worthy, I really wouldn't spend that much of money on their chicken chop. It could have well been sold at RM 8.50 or so only but that's really just my own opinion. There are other foodstuffs on the menu so it would be difficult to write them off as a bad place to be but their "finger foods" wouldn't be a good place to start I suppose. Prices for food is at a borderline of normal to expensive but that's depending on your thought of what's pricey to you in the end. I wish you luck! Maybe I'll just go back for the mixed juices.

25, JALAN SS2/30,

TEL: 03-7874 1749


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