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By Elie - 3:33 PM

I've been waiting for this all my life! I wanna be a scarer! I want to watch freaking Monsters University!

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Monsters University is finally out; an epic 12 year wait since the production of Monsters Inc. in 2001 by Pixar and Disney! Taking place in years way back before Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan were the best employees of Monsters Inc. to begin with. Taking a time turner back into their university days, Monsters University is a true delight to watch especially giving you a whole sense of childhood all over again! I may have had to wait really long until I would get to watch it but thanks to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Monsters University, I got to catch it at the MBO Cinemas in Citta Mall on Wednesday! I even got won a set of door tags!

Will be giving the "Shhh, Studying" one to Cheryl who didn't get to come because I brought Krystle along on this premiere...

There are no humans to review really so let's just get along to telling you who the good old monsters are! I mean, really. You just need to sit back, relax and laugh at these adorable monsters and their antics throughout!

This is Mike Wazowski...when he was young! 
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And this is him in his university days!

Mike Wazowski was never the Mike Wazowski that we've seen as in Monsters Inc. years back. He was never the best friend of James P. Sullivan and he was never a staff of the scare floor. In fact, he started off as a little outcast with a big dream to be one of the scariest monsters in the monster world. In case you had no idea, the monsters lives off screams of children in order to power their houses and what not. Just like the TNB of Malaysia, except it's from screams in yellow tin cans. He is still as talkative as ever and still hilarious anyway so you could expect great laughs through this movie!

Blue, furry and scary.
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James P. Sullivan or Sulley has never been the famous monster from Monsters Inc either. In fact, he was just a slacking jock wannabe with the pressure of bearing the family name of Sullivan. It has been hilarious watching his burly fur go around and learn the steps in being more humble in the university. He never thought of lowering himself to the stages of being an outcast but he does it anyway and...go surprise yourself in the cinema and watch how things run for Sulley!
I fly and crawl. I don't even know what I am.
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This is Dean Hardscrabble. She flies and crawls like a centipede and...I don't even know what else she does. Proving a calm and collected yet poker face all the time must be madly tiring but she does it anyway. It was freaky in the start when she starts flying around and it got scarier when she started...crawling. Whatever it is, this character is really well written with a surprising twist towards the end to boot. After all, if you're not scary, what kind of a monster are you?

Just to close off, Monsters University has been nothing but a great watch, really. It was funny, heartwarming and really down to earth when it has to be all rolled into one. Oh and the graphics were much better compared to whatever they had in 2001 with immense details being put into the hundreds of thousands of monsters in the stadium and university front itself. I guess having been in the Multimedia class taught me to never look at computer graphics lightly. Every shadow is a scary place to venture into. I'd definitely re-watch Monsters University when it comes on disc though. Maybe a back-to-back Monsters movie time...when I graduate. Tipping off an 8/10 on my personal Shneep scale for the great fun, awesome memories and hearty laughter it has given me.

Oh and if you're in the cinema watching Monsters University, be sure to get excited about the short film BEFORE the real movie because it's freaking adorable! You would have never expected it, trust me! It's called The Blue Umbrella and it's just magical!

On little side notes, the movie time was made extra memorable because I had brought my best friend from my kindergarten days until today to be with me for this trip down my childhood! It's a funny story because we've known each other since the age of 4 but we have NEVER hung out for movies or even dinner...until this superb day of fun!

Obligatory picture with Mike and Sulley outside the cinema...

This is my 4 year old buddy, Krystle with Mike and Sulley!

Tickets, door tags and a happy girl! 

Excuse our vanity...

And our silliness...

And more!

We also took a pit stop at Bubba Gump for "That Chocolate Thing"

 Which turned out to be one of the most amazing chocolate dessert with ice-cream EVER.

The MBO cinema of Citta Mall too had something that really sparked out liking for it, bar the vibrating chairs inside. I guess I wouldn't mind going back to Citta Mall when it's a lot brighter but for now, maybe I'm safer off being in The Curve.

Light-up hop scotch entrance!

So much effort in drawing and putting up a Monsters University quote!

"Yellow brick road" as Krys calls it.

And adorable LEGO blocks to cover up the ceiling! Creativity level up.

My Wednesday had ended remarkably awesome. Now everyone go watch Monsters University because it's full of good old childhood dreams. You won't regret it. Thanks, Nuffnang for the tickets, the opportunity to explore a new mall and a chance for me to catch up with my best friend of 17 years and counting! :)

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  1. yerr, go bubba gump boh jio lol :P

    1. Hahaha after take ticket then I went there edi! You la stand there showing off your cap only! :P


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