How Daddy Went From Small To Big

By Elie - 3:00 AM

I've just realized how terrible the title of this post could sound but honestly it feels just like that. For the past 2 years, my father has been screaming at his Blackberry Bold 3 (Blackberry Bold 9780) regardless of how he claims that it is indeed a good phone. He attempts to justify it by noting on how quickly his e-mails comes in and how he could still function his Whatsapp just like how I did for the past year on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

However it was time for him to face the truth; his Blackberry Bold 9780 was just...dying. Every other day I would hear him grumble about how slow it scrolls up or how the phone hangs midway through a conversation on Whatsapp. Or better yet, he complains about how his Internet browser is always "redirecting" him. It was HILARIOUS! So Father's Day came and went recently but not without a terrible dinner and a wonderful surprise after. My uncle had bought him a Samsung Note II as  Father's Day (Or brother-in-law day?) gift and daddy was secretly overwhelmed by his new, white toy.

In comes the phase of daddy's new adaptation from a smartphone to another. We have been contemplating for a while on when he should get his sim card fixed in order to fit the new phone when my other uncle noted on how he could actually use the phone WITHOUT a running sim card yet. It was my father's brand new madness from them on. Yesterday, I sat down with him teaching him the very basics of running the Samsung Note II and our conversations felt like they deserved to be preserved for a good memories' sake.

Him: Okay, how do I on the phone?
Me: You just keep pressing this button on the side until the phone has the words "Samsung Note II" flashing on the screen. Same thing to off your phone. Press till you get prompted to off your phone.
Him: Okay. So I just press this?
Me: Yes, you just press that.
Him: Wah! The screen is so clear!

Him: So what does this do? *Referring to the middle button of the phone*
Me: It takes you back to your main menu.
Him: Okay, so I press this to go back to the main menu? Then why you teach me the back button?
Me: The menu button takes you straight to the MAIN menu. The back button takes you BACK.
Him: Same...thing right?

Me: No.
Him: Wah the browser so fast! The typing so responsive! The screen so sensitive!
Me: So I don't think you'll ever enjoy your Blackberry anymore. Everything slow. Like you.
Him: Okay, enough playing with this phone. I'll try again tomorrow. It should be easy to pick up la. I will start using this by next week already! So easy to operate!
Me: Sure. Just turn it off and keep it back in the box.
Him: ... How do I turn it off?
Him: So now it's turned off? Nothing? Done?
Me: Yes, daddy. Now it's turned off. When you want to turn it back on, you just press this button long enough like you did earlier.
Him: Okay. Let's go for dinner. *Grabs his Blackberry Bold 9780 and fiddles a little* WAH I CANNOT USE THIS LA SO SMALL THE SCREEN! THE ICON SO TINY, THE WORDS SO SMALL!

The Blackberry finally had it's official rest from duty on the 24th of June when the screen blacked out once every half hour and my father had the fear of losing all his data; especially his contacts. He called home in a panicked mode, asking if I knew how to synchronize his contacts from the Blackberry to the Samsung Note II and all I did Wai Kin. It has been done and all that we needed was to switch on the Bluetooth on both phones, pair them and hit the transfer contacts button. Trick found here.

And just for comparison's sake...

This is daddy's new Samsung Note II

And this is daddy's old Blackberry Bold 3 (9780)

Just so you know how it is...

And you wonder why nobody goes back to small phones after trying out big ones.

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  1. have to take care of it cause the screen easy to crack ....

    1. Bought him screen protector and all that. :3


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