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And I'm back...although I have mountains of assignments so let me just whizz through this review and I will go back to the boring part of life. Would anyone be interested in a great comedic movie with a touch of action? Well, hit up Badges of Fury if you would like something as such!

The guys cannot look anymore handsome is it?
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 And then the Nuffies went up for the challenge and made this on Instagram, I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe for a bit.
Picture pinched from Nuffnang's Instagram

Picking up on a hilarious side, Badges of Fury is a movie to tell a tale of odd deaths to men who have all been linked with not just one; but TWO ladies who have also turned out to be sisters. It's fairly mind boggling but it also gets you to think a little on who the possible murderer could be so that's the pick up point for you. The movie is otherwise weird; especially on audio dubbing mainly because it isn't an original Cantonese movie to begin with. I wish they would have just left it as a Mandarin speaking show but what's done is done I suppose. The exaggerated actions and computer graphics were not quite needed but it topped onto the funny moments I guess.

Jet Li back in action!
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Never in my life would I have thought of watching Jet Li in a comedic movie, probably because I am truly used to watching him as Wong Fei Hung to begin with.Sure, he's still Wong Fei Hung in Badges of Fury but he's a completely different Wong Fei Hung; a slacking cop with lots of odd humour to run around. He lacks good screen time in Badges of Fury actually but he's still good in his own way probably because he is a veteran actor. His actions and kicks are still glorious as ever; each one giving out the same old Wong Fei Hung vibe as he ever did in the past. I guess Jet Li is a good point to add into this third grade movie! This is his first debut back on screen after the near brush with death with the tsunami in 2006.

Problem with my nose bleed here?

I don't recall having watched Wen Zhang in any movies but that's probably just because he's an actor from the mainland and I don't watch a lot of those movies. He portrays Wang Bu Er, a cop who has come to be the partner to Wong Fei Hung and has a whole load of dreams to be a someone great. Impulsive and stupid, I take it that Wen Zhang did a great job to this character. I actually really enjoyed his comedic addition to this originally hopeless movie and I probably can't see anyone else picking up this character anytime soon. Good first impressions? He's taken it!

"I graduated from high school, went off to college and became a cop," Michelle Chen says.
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I'm lying, she didn't really say that. It's a complete reference to her transition (in my opinion anyway) from her character in "You're The Apple Of My Eye" to her current cop character in Badges of Fury. Although I didn't really like her acts here as compared to from 那些年, you have got to give it to her for her attempt in being comedic here. She's really pretty though and that definitely attracts a whole load of attention on screen but I think she's been overshadowed by someone else; Liu Shishi!

There's a whole load of cameos in Badges of Fury really such as Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Raymond Lam and even Wu Jing as well as Stephen Fung. The budget for these actors and actresses must have been MAD. The movie as a whole was great for laughs but probably not quite the type for big screens. I wouldn't have spent cash buying off tickets for it but thanks to Nuffnang for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Badges of Fury, I didn't have to spend my own cash on it so here's a great big thanks to the Nuffies and the movie distributors for the tickets! Tipping just a 5/10 on my personal scale, Badges of Fury is a mediocre movie to go for really, mainly for laughs and nothing great to remember by. If you need some laughs however, why not?

 Oversleeping napping does this to you. I sat WAY in front and came home with a painful neck.

And...I'm back to the boring side of life. Why am I studying again?

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