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It's a bird, it's a plane, IT'S MINION-MAN!
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I totally planned for that line to be the opener for this post. Yes, people! I got to catch Despicable Me 2 a whole week before it was screened and it's all thanks to Nuffnang for the invitations to the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Despicable Me 2!

This picture of mine on Instagram got more likes in 5 minutes than a camwhore photo of myself did okay?! I'm damn jealous!

Despicable Me 2 picks off where it sort of ended in the original Despicable Me; with Gru no longer being a villain who wants the moon but instead is a soft, lovely and devoted father of Margo, Edith and Agnes. I found the transition so adorable and what more when he's such a huge man with his pointed nose and an evil accent to his every ringing word. Despicable Me 2 does not go off a serious plot but is definitely worth the money for a visit to the cinema just for laughs when the rather light hearted story rubs off you after.
Gru and Lucy in an iconic taser shot from the Despicable Me 2 trailer
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The addition of Lucy Wilde, the most hyperactive, Red Bull powered and caffeine overloaded character was perfect in my own opinion; mostly because she was a direct opposite to Gru's gruesome (Am I getting a little punny here?) character and also because she got so annoying to a point that she was a delight to watch. It was a well written character with really great points to talk about although she really isn't that attractive.

While the main characters of Despicable Me 2 may appear to be Gru, Lucy and possibly Agnes, I would think there are some OTHER giggly things have taken the spotlight. If you're thinking something really yellow with denim suspenders, you've gotten it right for sure!

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Who could resist?
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Truth is, I have never thought of ever going through the Internet to find out the genius voice behind the thousands of minions including the ones from the crazily famous Banana song on YouTube until I stayed after credits during the premiere of Despicable Me 2 and found that it has been Pierre Coffin all the while. Chris Renaud reportedly does the extra minions but Coffin has been known to voice most of them; including the famous once named Stuart, Kevin and Bob. THESE MINIONS HAVE NAMES WHAT IS THIS!!!

For someone of my age (Cheh wah, as if I'm extra old or something), I thought Despicable Me 2 was still a great watch although it technically makes no sense. The punchlines are classy and the nonsensical gibbers that the minions have in store is pure entertainment at its best. I've never had so much to laugh in a cinema, not even during the premiere of Monsters University and it's definitely the only cartoon that has gotten me to repeat their gibberish lines over and over after the movie has ended. 
Walk on into the cinema with your logical thoughts left outside and be prepared to laugh at every single thing that the minions do, okay? Whoever got the idea of digitizing the minions is a pure genius, really. Well, if you made Agnes you're still a genius actually. She's cute too.
 In fact, everyone in this picture is cute!
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It hits a whole 9/10 on my personal scale, rendering to be one of the top movies I could watch and re-watch over and over yet I'd never get sick of it. I think. Well maybe I would if I've watched it 15 or 20 times but for now, it's just one of the best to watch. Great fun for adults and children alike, I highly recommend watching Despicable Me whether or not you get to go for it in 3D. I did...and I even got to keep the 3D glasses after! Thanks, TGV Sunway Pyramid for the free 3D glasses!

[EDIT] I had a vain moment last night and...this happened.

Just wanted to show off my free 3D glasses from TGV, Sunway Pyramid. Ktxbai!!!

P/S: I promised I would shame him. JOEL, YOU LIED TO ME THERE'S NO MINIONS ON SALE! You gave me false hope! Shame on you! 

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