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By Elie - 4:30 AM

[This is a Nuffnang sponsored post! Yay!]

How often do you stay awake at night having this lingering thought in your head of imaginary settings with little characters killing off another character? Chances are, it’s an every night feat. And then when you do fall asleep, you start dreaming of yourself saving the princess from the dragon’s lair…familiar? Maybe it’s time to start writing them all down and you could just be the next Rowling with rolling riches!

Last Saturday morning was an eventful few hours for me when Nuffnang invited me to attend the Creative Writing Workshop held by IACT College. Yes, I do study there and I’m in my final year but little did I know they would have a workshop specifically targeted at both high school and college students who aren’t too sure of what they want to do but have just a little spark of an idea to their future!

Conducted by Mr. Nicholas Lee, Academic Director of IACT College, the workshop was aimed to introduce participants to creative writing with a good focus on fictional stories. It made me wonder about why they’ve never had something like this when I was younger and had more brain cells to be an authoress instead of a mass communications student?

The morning started off with a warm greeting from the Admission & Marketing Manager of IACT College, Mr. Mark Grunden and it followed off with little introduction activities by Mr. Nick. It was a hilarious activity with sparks of creativity flowing through our minds, possibly to wake us up and it worked on our lazy brain cells!

Mr. Mark Grunden, Admissions & Marketing Manager of IACT College addressing to all the participants of the Creative Writing Workshop

Awkward Jessica from introducing herself in the self-introductory exercise

The workshop was really a hands-on feat with everything being guided and not just thrown at us to write and I enjoyed the feeling of that. It wasn’t a high school experience of listening to our teacher and falling asleep while jotting down notes that he or she was writing on the board but instead it was OUR own work being done and WE got to talk instead of them! Such brilliance!

Breaking out in groups to brainstorm on our “stories”

And another group…
Participants even utilized the stage space to sit and brainstorm!

Lumi from and her beloved sitting at the administrative counter because everywhere else was taken! 

I was fairly lazy on that day and so was Sarah from so we decided to just stay seated wherever we were and did our activities spot on instead. Laziness rules but hey, it was a Saturday morning!

Preparing for the next activity. Please ignore my horrible handwriting on the paper behind! 

We also got a tour of the campus after the workshop guided by a current student of IACT College. Honestly, I didn’t quite need it (I’ve been there for 2 and a half years I know my campus, please!) but it felt fun to just follow everyone else and get along with it!

Fellow bloggers taking photos in the green room of the broadcasting studio

Awkward Adorable Jessica trying out the feels of the recording studio

The tour ended at the library before we were ushered back for lunch that was waiting out for us. Granted it was just McDonald’s but I wish they didn’t bring it back so early in the day because the burgers ended up cold and the fries were really soggy. The Coke was also diluted from the melted ice cubes but that’s just that. Everyone got a brilliant goodie bag with brochures of courses that IACT College offers, an IACT College magnet and a money-can’t-buy pendrive!

This is so adorable! I think I’d rip out the hanging IACT keychain and put it elsewhere instead!

The day wouldn’t be complete without a group shot with bloggers, high schoolers and current students of IACT College at the stage spot, right?

We left around 2pm although the itinerary mentioned that we would finish at 1pm but that’s just Malaysian timing for you. It was an overall fun day for me although I had to climb out of bed at 8.30am and brave the terrible haze while driving. The sudden change of Jaya One’s parking rates was also a heart attack for me but I was lucky enough that they told me beforehand and I switched for a cheaper parking spot instead of paying RM 6 at a spot that was originally RM 2 only. Put up some signs please, Jaya One!

To my dearest readers who are high schoolers or are in between choices, no worries  if you don’t quite like writing or that you’ve missed out this workshop because IACT College will be offering many more workshops such as Audio Recording, Photography, Digital Design, Marketing and Videography for those who have found their true calling at this ripe age! Just head on to for extra information of these workshops and how you could book a place in these exciting workshops!

Thanks again for the invite, Nuffnang and also to IACT College for conducting this workshop! It was lots of early morning, wake up fun! I’m off to munch of the chocolates from the IACT goodie bag!

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