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So this is a week old rant but I can't seem to get it out of my head. Thing is, if you've been following me on Twitter (@elielam) or you've been stalking my Facebook (Elie Lam), you would have known that I went through a horrifying bully accident. Okay, maybe not an entire bully situation but I felt like my dad was going to get punched and I was going to be pulled out so some cars can drive over my dead body.

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Technically that happened on Thursday and I'm really supposed to just get over it but NO, I don't feel justified unless I shame this terrible taxi driver badly enough. Just in case the picture above doesn't quite tell you the story, here's a better and more in depth recap:
My father, uncle and I were waiting in front of Starbucks, Tropicana City Mall last Thursday for my OTHER uncle to pass us something pretty important. We started out waiting on the right side of the curb until a policeman came up to my father and told us to wait on the left side instead. So that was what my father did. He drove up in front of a cab, leaving sufficient space for the cab to leave just in case he had a customer walk up to him later on.

Out of nowhere, ANOTHER cab swerves over and slots in between the cab behind us and our car - honking as he went. I turned my head over to see a man giving us hand signals to move but he wasn't exactly being Mr.Gentleman on this. All he did was honk, honk and honk along with a hand signal of moving. My dad however was a little more oblivious to this, probably from the 87641542936864 years of driving experience but technically, we weren't wrong for waiting there. Hello? The policeman made us move in the first place.

We ignored the cabbie for a while...until he turned up at the driver's side window in a complete "WTF" mode to us. He was angry, impatient and down right rude; screaming and shouting vulgarities at us nothing how stupid we were for not moving for him. Double hello? You were the one who slotted in between us and the cab behind us. My dad wound down the window (To my horror by the way, why would anyone do that? He could have done shit to us, dad!) and the cabbie didn't stop with his vulgarities. It continued, if not louder than before.

My dad mentioned to him that it was the policeman who gave us this spot and that the cabbie shouldn't have slotted in between the space in the first place. Obviously, Mr. Cabbie wasn't too pleased. He shouted a whole lot more vulgarities and screamed at the guard to make us move. Triple hello? I would have taken a photograph of him but I was too scared he would come ruin my face or something. I still aspire to be an air stewardess, thanks. But it was good that he finally just walked back to his cab and my father moved (AGAIN) to the right side of the curb. 

That was when I looked over and I saw the cabbie driving into the spot we were at initially; but he knocked down a couple of cones on the way. What the? How did you pass your driver's test to begin with? The shocking thing however was that the policeman who told US to move initially was just...watching us. He did nothing but watch us like a little circus show. ARE YOU PAID TO WATCH OR PAID TO PROTECT THE NATION?!

It was later on in the day when I had put up that status on Facebook and also ranted on Twitter that I realized I was not the only person who has come across this idiotic driver. Benjamin had linked me to a blog post from April written by Cheesie about HER experience with lo and behold...THE VERY SAME DRIVER. Ding ding ding ding ding, it turns out Mr. Cabbie has been having a track record in being a whiny little brat with a terrible gangster attitude. Unlike her however, I didn't get a picture of the cab and neither did I get a picture of his face. I didn't want to die. I was just chickening out.

Loads of people had commented on Cheesie's blog, some supporting her for her guts and some being stupid enough to lash out at her for standing up to her rights. The only thing I could say to them is that I truly hope you'd be stuck in traffic for 12488519489864843 years with the exact same cabbie. Let's see if Cheesie is still an inconsiderate and heartless person. Seriously, cabs have become one of the most relied on mode of transportation in Malaysia because the stupid LRT doesn't get us to specific places (Like Jaya One?!) and neither does the KTM or Monorail. Sure, you'd say why not the RapidKL? HAVE YOU TRIED WAITING FOR A RAPIDKL?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

I recall how TheStar have started off a probe a few weeks back on traveling around KL with just the public transport but I feel that they have not been through the true hell of it all. Don't just try it out for a day. Try it out for a month. Feel the pain of those who cannot afford to drive on a daily basis and try to get to places that is practically unreachable by the KTM, LRT or Monorail. FEEL US. 
Well, just in case you feel fairly suicidal and you would like to look for the cabbie, he's always around Tropicana City Mall and drives the cab by the license plate of HWC 8104. He's an Indian man, probably in his late 20s and slings his little messenger bag in a way that it sits on his stomach (Picture as seen in Cheesie's blog) and I believe he also wears the same white shirt with black slacks on a daily basis. Is it a cabbie uniform? I'm not too sure, someone enlighten me on this? He also has four stickers of Hindu Gods on his windscreen (Totally not touching on beliefs here, I am a Buddhist and we technically share Gods) but it is clearly not very helpful on his anger management issues. God bless you. Good luck and I hope you don't die. If you do, don't say I never warned you.
Way to start my July; an angry post hooray. Stupid cabbie driver.

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