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By Elie - 6:00 AM

If there was ever a word to describe myself when it goes to shopping, it would be CHINESE. Totally not being racist here but I'm just frugal and I would walk from the North wing to the South wing then back to the East wing just to save RM 2 and Pui Yi could be the witness to that. And Chinese people; we do that. We would actually milk out the most of our freshly withdrawn RM 50 and stretch it so far out, no one would have ever thought it's possible. Don't lie, I know it happens to you too.

An OOTD shot of me a while back

Just so you know, I walked with my mum all over Times Square because I kept believing I could get that tank top for less than RM 10, went all over Paradigm because I thought those shorts could be less than RM 29.90 and hesitated over half an hour in Cotton On because I figured those shoes could be less than RM 40. I drove my mum nuts with the Chinese in me but somehow it's a habit I cannot kick.

What puts me off shopping however is the thought that I would buy something today and return ANOTHER day to find that it's on a 10% sale. Yes, it's just 10% but HELLO IT'S 10% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE! Then I'd just keep grumbling at myself for buying something so overpriced when I could have waited for the discount instead. It makes everything much more sad when I realize that I could have gotten it closer to home than a trip down to KL.

So I began doing some online shopping instead and that's when comes to play. It gives me updated information on deals and discounts all with the clicks of my wireless mouse on a daily basis so I can get broke even faster and even let's me know how I could save even on traveling mileage to get stuff nearer to my location. How freaking cool is that? And they don't deal with just fashion, they literally deal with every single thing you could think of from food to travel and even to deals on shower gel. Boy, do I need information on THAT. Trust me on this, I drove from Tesco to 99 Speedmart and over to the 1Malaysia shop just to figure out where I could get the cheapest Protex okay?!

I actually searched for Protex and they came up with a result. THE PERSON WHO CREATED THIS IS A GENIUS. However, I didn't specify my area and got sent to Johor lol.

I didn't just stop at searching for shower gels to test out Save22 because I felt like I should go on a little adventure and these are the things they've been throwing at me with just little maneuvers around the website!

They told me where to get cheap electronics! I would have probably drove to Digital Mall then to IPC and walked over to e@Curve if it wasn't for this!

Cheap foods alert! My plan after graduation is to get fat and not care about what anyone has to say!

As if Save22 couldn't get anymore extensive, they are even telling me what I could get off pumping petrol at BHP!

I don't know how much crazier Save22 could go but by now, you should already be running off to check out the site. And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go buy some Protex from Giant because Save22 told me they're having a sale. I told you I'm Chinese! Even with daily necessities like these, I tend to scrimp okay?! You never know someday I would be rich from the little cents I've saved! So go hunt for whatever you need off Save22 and be rich with me...cent by cent!

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  1. Sounds like a great website! Have you ever considered though the real cost of clothing? Who is it made by? If some poor guy is making nothing in terrible conditions in a sweat shop or someone is being paid a reasonable price with decent conditions I'd rather pay a little more to the company attempting to be humane. Tricky thing is knowing which is which? Cost and price are not always the same thing.

    1. Hi Yum List!

      Of course, I do understand your concerns for these matters as cheap labor is a terrible thing to know of. I do try to take the time to know where my clothes come from but most of the time they don't even don a tag to note if they were made in Thailand, Vietnam or China or even Bangladesh.

      It's a good point you've raised actually. I recently did a presentation on a good write up that talks just exactly on what you've mentioned. Here's the link: I thought it was interesting...hoping you would find it nice too!


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