How My Soft Toys Took My Day Away

By Elie - 6:00 AM

So following my previous post of complaining about being sick (and I still am!), today's talk will be about how my soft toys took my free Friday away from me. Don't judge me for loving soft toys even at this age, they provide me with the kind of comfort nobody else could. I mean, sure it's fun to be out with my amazing friends and talk to them on the phone or via the Internet but sometimes these fluffy friends "understands" me to a certain unexplainable level!

I've been a little down this week over some matters and stacked up assignments as well as the lack of income since finishing up my internship so it felt just a tad bit therapeutic to have spent my free Friday...washing my soft toys. Not all of course; just a few of them! What I didn't expect though was that I would have had to dry them all day long too! Here's a story telling moment for you to go through:

We washed my aunt's Bunny today. Don't laugh, this is her in her natural colour!

Bunny's testing the water temperature with the puffy bubbles. Hmmm...

And in Bunny goes, completely a bawse!

Here's Bunny sharing her "bawse" pot with MY soft toys, Max (the black one) and Odie (the white one). I feel like they are a complete gradient of colours...

Lots of brushing, scrubbing and hosing down of soap was down throughout until we noticed...

That Bunny is now depressed for being scrubbed...and is also starting to look like a dog! Check out her "center parting" of a hair...

My aunt also refused to wash Bunny's face, resulting in the colour difference as you can see in the "doggie" version of the photo above. Her excuse was that Bunny would no longer look like the Bunny she ever was before. Probably turning into a dog for real!
 She FINALLY did wash Bunny's face and...this happened to Bunny. GOOD GOD, WHAT IS SORCERY IS THIS?!
We left all the soft toys out to have their sunbathing session after and Bunny dried up in no time under the crazy Malaysian sun.

Examining a suspicious leaf she found in the garden after the sunbathing session. "Is this edible?" she wonders. And then she om nom-ed it anyway. She's fat.

My little babies Max and Odie however didn't get as dry and is now enjoying the aircond and fan treatment in my room in my bid to get them dry after my epic "sauna" session for them earlier with the hair dryer. Tomorrow they'll get sent out for another session of sunbathing so that they get that sunny fresh fragrant but in the mean time... *sniffs* my babies smell amazing.

So how was your Friday? :)

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