Movie Review: After Earth

By Elie - 11:15 AM

About 1,000 years off from today, Earth is apparently a place no longer inhabited by humans and all that's left is lush greenery, clean lapping water and weird animals that are "dangerous" yet doesn't quite kill you. And...I'm talking about the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of After Earth!

To the right, to the right...
Pic credits to: Nuffnang Malaysia

After Earth takes place in what appears to be the future to mankind, one where we are forced to evict from our homes and live in another all because of our own doings today. It's a heated battle in these times anyway what with the pollution and the environment killing so I would take it as that humans deserved it at a certain degree. There's even weird aliens known as an "Ursa" going around killing humans when they sense the fear in mankind so....that's that. The only person who isn't fearsome appears to be General Cypher Raige and thus begins the wonders of "ghosting", an act of being invisible to Ursas when you contain your fear and let bravery take course instead.
However when General Cypher Raige decides to take a trip to "Iphitos" before announcing his retirement, he takes his son, Kitai along just so they could patch up on the father and son relationship. The trip doesn't run as smoothly as they thought it would be as the ship they were on gets struck by an asteroid storm and they are forced to crash land onto an abandoned land deemed unsafe for mankind; a land called Earth. Everyone but the father and son dies and somehow Kitai is the only one who is mobile enough to get to the emergency beacon that gets them help...surprisingly a whole 100km away from where they are stuck at. And so the adventure of the 13-year old begins.

I'm a general, but somehow my son will be better out there in the danger.
Pic credits to: Ionetheurbandaily

Will Smith plays General Cypher Raige, the first man ever who found out what "ghosting" could do and leads the entire mankind to finding a way to deal with the Ursas should they attack again. But as every other wonderful Generals to mankind, he abandons his family only to return and hopes to patch everything back again. Will Smith's performance this time around is pretty dull with loads of close up shots of his sleepy eyes and a somewhat teary look both at the same time. Maybe it's the script or maybe it's the movie, this movie is definitely not one that Will Smith would be proud to have been a part of!

Woohoo cool sticks!
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Jaden Smith plays Kitai Raige, the 13-year old with a big hope that he would be a ranger and make his father proud. He's still a fearful boy however and I don't blame him...he's just hit puberty! He tries hard though and somehow he seizes the opportunity to go to no man's land when he had the chance but I don't know if he did it so he wouldn't die or he wanted to be an egoistic young boy to his father. Either way, Jaden Smith gives nothing but a mediocre act this time around and I ultimately still blame the script and directing as an overall. He's done better with Will Smith before, like days when he was still the adorable kid in The Pursuit of Happyness or in The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. Nothing great, nothing bad.

And that's it. There's about nobody else but Will and Jaden Smith throughout the movie with very minimal cameos of other people but they are nothing worth mentioning at all. After Earth is probably a movie you should sit through for the graphics but not for the dialogues or for the act at all. A pitiful movie with nothing great to shout about, After Earth is just another passable movie on the big screen really. Go download it or wait for the TV to air it later on. On a personal scale? 3/10 is being overly kind here. Watch a different movie, it might be better anyway.

On the most wonderful scale of it all, Nuffnang was giving out two pieces of the FILA Watch Model 38-015-002 worth RM 199 to two of the top comments and...

Picture ripped off my own Instagram of course...

My spanking new, fresh out of the box FILA watch! *Dances around*

I won myself an amazing FILA Watch Model 38-015-002 worth RM 199 from Nuffnang! This is so awesome! Thank you so much, Nuffies. You guys are amazing and now I have a new watch to go workout with. I love how sporty it looks on me! Woohoo! New watch~ new watch~ *Dances a little more* Yeah. And back to my assignments...

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  1. I've been looking forward to seeing this movie.

    1. My personal suggestion is to wait till it comes out on a disc instead. It's not worth going to the cinema for it. Pretty monotonous to begin with. :(


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