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Warning, this is a really lengthy and full of self-loving post. Ignore it if you want to. NO. READ IT BECAUSE I LOOK GOOD LATER ON IN THIS POST. There are days where I am really glad that I have a habit of checking my junk mails because if I didn't check them last week, I would have missed out on this amazing e-mail that Sue Ann sent me!


That's right, I was invited to a special KATE Makeup Workshop last Sunday at the Seventh Heaven of Pavilion! In case you didn't know, KATE is the sub-brand of Kanebo which is a really big brand all the way in Japan which makes it extra amazing! So I Whatsapp-ed Sue Ann quickly and told her that I would definitely be there with nobody else but my mummy on Sunday! 

Come Sunday, we left home by 9 am because I agreed to pick up Ashley and Chutipond as they were invited too! Yay to the company! It was my first time driving all the way down to KL (I've always been a PJ and Bangsar girl psshttt!) so I relied on Waze and prayed hard that it wouldn't take me to Timbuktu. Luckily for me, I wasn't lost and found a parking spot immediately as I got into the mall but looking for Seventh Heaven was a little trickier. We still got there in time though and registered ourselves before being ushered into the little Platinum Room of Seventh Heaven.

You wouldn't have missed this banner outside of Seventh Heaven that day!

The insides of the platinum room was pretty small but it made for a very cozy "tutorial" class style of a place. About 6 tables were set up and a handful of bloggers as well as their plus ones settled down at the spot of their choice only to be greeted with amazing goodies ready to be fooled around with!

Brushes, brushes and a powder puff in a sealed bag!

Look at all these goodies!

And more!

The purpose of the makeup workshop was to help us out in creating two different looks; the office look and the party look with a number of KATE makeup products. The workshop was led by Mr. Mikiya Hirai, the makeup artist all the way from Japan who helped create the entire OL versus party look on a voluntary model that day. It was weird because I wanted to offer to be the model when they asked for a volunteer but I was a little shy and regretted it afterwards. Lessons to learn, I guess. All was well though because I got to watch as he transformed one of the ladies who came barefaced to the workshop into someone different!

Mr. Hirai giving a brief explanation of his experiences in makeup and skincare.

The model is ready!

Mr. Hirai working his magic on the barefaced blogger.

And tada! This was the OL look that he did. It was simple, refreshing and easy to go do on a daily basis.

A mug shot (Hahahaha!) of Mr. Mikiya Hirai on that day!

The transformation from the OL face to the next was evident but I couldn't catch her in the party look because she had to walk around and when Mr. Hirai was done with the makeup, most of the bloggers (including myself) were starving for a light snack. When we all returned from stuffing our faces our light tea, we were free to try out the KATE products they had on the table on our own! The first thing I did however was to snap 1387417658356131315645 lots of photos of everything!

The KATE cover concealer for covering up blemishes and red spots on your face, evening out skin tones but does not cause pimples!

KATE's Mineral Powder Foundation that comes in three different shades for all skin tones.

KATE's Gel Eye Liner. I was fascinated, I had no idea you could have eye liner in a tub. FASCINATION!

KATE Slim Gel Pencil. This is amazing, I'll tell you why later.

Eye Shadow Base. It helps to make your eyeshadow less flaky upon application and gets on easier for blending!

KATE's Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow! There's 5 different shades to choose from and EACH Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow is said to have 0.1% of REAL gold in them!

KATE Cheek Color in 3 different shades!

KATE Rouge Hg Lipcolor. The colors were a little dim for me and not shiny enough!

KATE Eye Make Up Remover! I didn't get to try this as I didn't have any makeup on that day.

Freshel's Cleansing Lotion by Kanebo. It cleans off foundation powders really well but leaves a sticky feeling behind so I didn't quite like it.

I also snuck a picture of Ashley through the mirror! Wuuu effects!

I have always been very bad in putting on makeup on myself so I got a little more brave and asked for help from one of the friendly KATE ladies who were around to apply makeup on me instead. She was really nice and actually spent all her time in making me look pretty!

Removed ALL traces of foundation powder I could have found on myself that day. Yes, I have larger than life eyebags that looks horrible so eff my life I don't know how to get rid of them! Give me some ideas! I've tried more sleep, creams, massages, cucumbers, masks and everything else! HELP ME!

The friendly KATE lady whom I later knew as Jasmine helping me out. She is the trainer of KATE by Kanebo in the main office which explains her expertise in makeup application.

Camwhore shot of me trying to look all model-ish and stuff, promoting KATE's powderless liquid foundation.

Funny thing is that while I was acting all model-ish, there were two people behind me who were extremely busy trying out everything they could!

So I kepoh-ed a little and took an unflattering photo of them both. You're welcome, Ash and Chutipond.

Moving on...Jasmine helped me to apply most of the makeup such as my mascara and what not. Truth is, I don't like wearing mascara because it gets so difficult to remove later on! 

 Just showing off my lashes and light eyeshadow!

 She was almost done, so this is an obligatory (pretty) shot.

My mum also noticed that Mr. Hirai was helping Ashley out! (Yes, my mum was holding onto my phone all day long to help take photos! Lots of love to this supporting woman!)

 And for some reason, I was listening REALLY tentatively when she mixed the colors for the lips!

And a little more application...

And she was done! I don't know what I was looking at...

I was really amazed when Jasmine was done because I didn't feel like I was myself anymore. I guess that's what makeup does to your confidence boost especially when I had the whole feel that I must have looked extremely different from how I did before.

Thank you, Jasmine! You're amazing!

The makeup products that Jasmine used on me were pretty extensive but the results looked so amazing, I'm really shocked.

The KATE lasting base for Cover.

Jasmine started of with the lasting base for cover by KATE that helps make the foundation powder stay on longer and doesn't give the sticky vibe after. It's watery and light so you don't get a shiny look afterwards and I really liked how she simply swatched it over my face without much effort.

KATE's Powderless Liquid for Cover.

The great thing about this powderless liquid is that it comes in a liquid form but turns out looking powdery when it comes in contact with your skin within 15 seconds. It gives out a complete powdery matte look without the bother of having to flake off excess powder afterwards!

 KATE Cheek Color in pink.

KATE Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow with soft beige, color gold, shiny gold and deep brown.

KATE's Eyebrow color for a more natural touch to the eyebrow...

 KATE Slim Gel Pencil eyeliner. What's really special about this eyeliner is that it applies on really easily with light strokes and doesn't require a lot of swatches over and over. The trick however is to control how much of the tip you wind up because it doesn't go back down unless you use it!

Mascara Base that helps the mascara stay on the lashes longer and doesn't get flaky upon application!

KATE Mascara that makes my lashes longer and a lot prettier! It wasn't too difficult to remove when I got home so that's a great thing to use!

KATE Slim Create Powder highlights; slimming and enhancing your facial features wherever it is needed!

And ending it with the KATE Lip Gloss for a glossy and non-sick looking dry lips!

I had endless sessions of camwhoring after having the makeup applied and I couldn't have been much happier that day.

 A shot with Mr. Mikiya Hirai! He's such a friendly Japanese man!

 I still fit between the cracks of the banners by sponsors of the day.

 Uhm...yeah. That's me and my fat face.

 Acting a little more "ambassador" ish with the KATE Gold Box I had won from a Q&A session!

And also a shot with mummy dearest!

Yes, I had failed to mention that I tried my luck in the Q&A session which entitled me to a KATE Gold Box when I had won! The contents of the Gold Box is really satisfactory and I couldn't be happier to have gotten the Slim Gel eyeliner inside!

From left to right: KATE Powderless Liquid, Concealing Cover Powder Foundation, Slim Gel Eyeliner and Goldish Eyes eyeshadow. Which means I brought home 0.01% of gold from the KATE Makeup Workshop!

My experience at the KATE Makeup Workshop was an overall pleasant one with lots of friendly staffs who were willing to help regardless whenever and always wore a smile on their face no matter what time of the day it was. Everyone left with an amazing goodie bag by KATE and Freshel with these products inside:

Freshel's All-in-one Gel (Also known as the Time Saving Skincare)

They really mean it when it's called an all-in-one gel because it contains lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and is a moisturizing makeup base all thrown into a little tub of gel. It even comes with SPF 26 with PA++ so I could just walk right out to the sun with a single application of ONE gel only. It's crazy!

Moisture Lotion by Freshel of Kanebo

KATE's BB Cream sample! Ultimate loving for travels!

Yes, I'm aware of how long this blog post has become so I'll stop making you jealous that I was there for the makeup workshop while all you've been doing is drooling over it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be there, KATE by Kanebo and also to Nuffnang for the exclusive invites. It was a really rare opportunity and I feel really blessed that I have attended the KATE Makeup Workshop! Ending the post with a few more camwhore shots. Thanks for staying put all the way!

 Ashley and I. I swore to myself to camwhore with her at LEAST once and I did it. Yes, I am proud of my ugly face here.

From left to right: Chutipond, yours truly, Ashley and Nuffie Trixha!

A self shot taken with Ashley's iPhone. BOO TO YOUR FRONT CAMERA! Hahahaha!

Photograph stolen also from Ashley's phone! Boo again! Hahaha!

And that's it! No more camwhore photos for a while now.

I lied. I got more vain at home!

Okay, okay. This time it's for real, there's no more camwhore photographs to show you! Go do something else and I absolutely love you for reaching THIS line of the blog post. *Blows imaginary kisses to my loyal readers* And boo you if you skipped it!

For extra information on KATE's makeup products or skincare, you could always stalk their Facebook page here like how Ashley did. She also found a picture of my mum and I there so...tell me if you see it too!

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  1. I like when u tied ur hair up....

    1. Hahaha really? My mum thought my hair too flat la when I pin up... :/

  2. Never join any makeup workshop, tempting to join but always no kaki :(

    1. Next time just join us! Come and make kaki! :D


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