Movie Review: R.I.P.D.

By Elie - 5:30 AM

Relax body!

And we'll just go ahead and collect souls...

I'm back on the movie track! Recently I've just been under all these stress that I never knew what has really been going in my head while I'm watching a movie. People and things would be flashing past the screen and I'd just be "whaaaa?" for a while. But not anymore! The first movie I've come to catch after finishing up everything turned out to be R.I.P.D. and it's all thanks to Nuffnang for having their Nuffnang Premiere Screening just a day after my paper and assignments are all completed and done!

So where does R.I.P.D. take you? That's right...the afterlife. When cop Nick Walker realizes his partner of the force shoots him in the head and he's dead, he's pretty much just in shock. What happens after that really turns him topsy turvy as he is recruited to the R.I.P.D (the Rest In Peace Department) and what more, he is paired with Roy Pulsipher; a seasoned R.I.P.D deputy who has been around since the 1800s. He's really called "Roycephius" or somewhere along the line and that was a hilarious punch to the movie.

What the R.I.P.D does is that they get out looking for dead souls living among I thought it was a tricky plot line to play with and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie from the beginning to the end. The little injections of laughs does well for the movie too and it's quite an enjoyable watch especially if you need that tiny dose of action with some relaxation along the way.

Dead and sexy.
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Ryan Reynolds plays Nick Walker, the dead and remorseful yet lost cop. I walked into the cinema about 10 minutes after it started because I was waiting for my Shihlin chicken (Yes, I snuck chicken into the cinema so if you smelled it earlier...MY BAD!) so I really wasn't sure why he was killed by Hayes. But he was and Reynolds did a great job at looking like how his character is supposed to be. Vengeful, lost, hurt and a little tip of love all rolled into one. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Taking annoying to a whole new level.
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This is Jeff Bridges who played Roy Pulsipher and I think he is about the best ever character in the whole movie. Like seriously, he is such an annoying person, you just really want to punch him in the face. But on the flip side, he is also extremely useful at crucial times and you can't deny the skills that the cowboy in him has. I don't even know what to say about him beside being awesome. If you're watching R.I.P.D, make sure you're watching it for Bridges. Because he is worth it.

Sizzling bacon. Geddit, geddit?
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Say hello to Kevin Bacon or Bobby Hayes. Bacon just never gets old...or dies out in flame. He is ever so sexy and being in R.I.P.D doesn't put him any less off the sexy radar. He is sly, he is quick and he is smart. The entire plot with his schemes and smile with half his effort swoons you in a complete faze so much so you'd forget that he really isn't the main actor of this movie. I think he did just about the same in "Hollow Man" and he's still got the skill in him to pull off his character. The sexiness helps a lot. Excuse me while I fantasize a little more.

A final verdict to the movie? I guess it hits a 4/10 on my personal scale. While it really is hilarious and mindless, it isn't really quite the movie that goes on a "MUST WATCH" scene. Factors to watch would be Ryan Reynold's face, Jeff Bridges' acts and Kevin Bacon's sexiness. It's otherwise passable on wide screen and you could just be waiting out for the TV version much later. The next movie to watch? Wolverine.

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  1. meh.. I've heard a few bad reviews so not watching it in cinema

    1. Not cinema worthy. Just wait for the DVD la... :P

  2. Replies
    1. It's funny but it's not cinema worthy. :)

  3. i go there see the actors only. haha anyway i heard tv news saying all the recent movies not selling well as the stories are all too similar? lol

    1. Go there to see Kevin Bacon lol. Handsome please.

      I guess so, most of the movies are either talking about the end of the world, ghosts coming after you, endless love that really just ends anyway or are animations.

      Then again, how many more stories could one come up with if not these?


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