Product Review: Daiso Charcoal Mask

By Elie - 8:24 AM

Alright, so this post has just been sitting in my draft since a few weeks back but as you know there's been finals then there's me being sick and a few other personal things happening. All I'll say right now is that it has been great and it always will be. So today let's get a little shocking post finally done and so my blog doesn't look half as dead as I perceive for it to be. It's fairly frumpy right now I don't even know what to do about it. I'm thinking of an uplift if anyone is happy to do it for me. I'm no tech junkie. Just saying.

Now I'm pretty sure a whole lot of us knows about Daiso, the RM 5 Japanese store that has been mushrooming from The Curve to 1Utama then to Midvalley, Paradigm Mall, Pavillion and other places that I'm not too sure about. Their products are always perceived to be RM 5 only (About 100 yen I think) although they do bring in items of a fairly higher price as seen in Daiso 1Utama. Most of their items are of great quality be it trays, food or even charcoal blocks to be placed into the fridge or cars to absorb bad odours.

What I've never dared to try out though was their skincare. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm all high and mighty but I've never trusted skincare that goes below RM 9.90. The lowest I've gone is Clean & Clear cleansing foam which was about RM 8.90 without the "cool features" such as apple seed whatever added and the highest is about RM 19.90 right now, my Senka Foaming cleanser. So when I approached Daiso the other day with my mum I noticed how they were REALLY pushing their charcoal masks to the market.

I love masks. I actually like having the feeling as though something is really getting done to my face be it moisturizing, cleansing or firming (Although I seriously don't need firming wtf I'm still young). But then again, this was a RM 5 mask. Was I going to risk it?

Well I did.

Leap of faith hahaha. For only RM 5, I actually bought myself a charcoal mask from Daiso; not knowing if it's good or not. My mind was really just saying, "It's just 5 bucks, if it sucks you can just throw it away and move on in life," yet the heart was kind of scolding me for being stupid enough because...what if it ruined my face and gave me blotches or rashes? I'm sorry to have to refer to this but like what if I turn out to be like Juli from Bun Bun Makeup Tips? I'm not as pretty as her but STILL!


As much as I am courageous to live my life looking ugly, I don't think anything tops me looking like this. Seriously, I hope nobody hates me after this but I think it's a good interpretation of how you would look like too if you're using a charcoal mask even if it isn't from Daiso. And now that I'm looking at the picture of me, myself and I as above, I'm laughing like mad. And my aunt is shocked to have to see this picture while I'm blogging here plus she screwed up her eyelining so I guess you can say it's got quite an impact here.

The aftermath from the nose to cheek area.

Lots of dirt, lots of impurities and lots of these horned disgusting things finally out of my face.

Half the time when I walk out of home, I'd throw on a whole lot of foundation powder so half the time you can't quite notice the blackheads that I have unless you get extremely focused on my face. Yes, I have blackheads everywhere on face be it my nose, my cheeks, my forehead and even my chin. It's bad and I try to control it but I have naturally oily yet dry skin that I'm not entirely sure about anymore. I guess I've given up really caring.

The mask's consistency comes out really thick but when spread on the face, it's actually watery. You would tend to have to use a whole lot of it and it washes off easily after. The peeling of it however was worst than having my braces tightened 4 years back. It is really bad and the whole pulling motion of it was so painful, I thought of just washing it off with water but I know that my blackheads will never get pulled out that way.

The final verdict? It's cheap and it does the job but it's really painful on the way of achieving it. I think I may just stick to Biore nose strips and figure out something else for the rest of the blackheads. Oh but the mask did help when I wanted to join a contest held by ChurpChurp a few days ago.

You're welcome.

I've got this self-loving post coming up pretty soon so if you'd just be nice enough to be patient and'll be worth it. And I won't look as ugly as this. I promise.

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  1. You are so cute ! (the last picca)

  2. oh I just bought the face wash and cleansing cream.. but not the mask... judging from you photos it IS certainly effective. But the pain... I think everyone who've used it and blogged about it emphasized on the pain..

    1. I must agree that it is amazingly effective for only RM 5 but the pain doesn't seem worthy to the results. That or I'm really chickened out! ><

  3. Hi is there any available store here in the philiipines selling that mask?. i want to try that mask ehh. Please!! tnx a lot


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