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By Elie - 12:57 PM

In case nobody knew from my bazillion happy updates about finishing my final semester albeit with a bad point, WELL YES I'VE FINISHED MY FINAL SEMESTER but I'm still awaiting to sit for my ONLY paper on the 29th of July. That's a whole week from now and my body has completely given way and I'm sick. Again. For the billionth time of the year. But that did not stop me from heading off to NBrew Gelato in Midvalley Megamall yesterday for a food tasting held by Nuffnang!

You see, Joelle from Nuffnang called me up on Thursday and asked if I would be interested to join them for a food tasting session over the weekends and I contemplated for a bit - being sick and what not. So I asked what would I be putting into my mouth and she said, "Ice-cream"...and I was sold. Who cares about being sick? NOBODY SAYS NO TO ICE-CREAM!

You can't miss this little red and white sign!

Located in the little corner next to Romp and Cotton On, you just have to look up while riding the escalator next to Plan B in Midvalley to find NBrew screaming at you! I particularly liked the eye-catching colour concept of the store because it made it fairly easier to find. The setup itself looks fairly tiny though but you'd hardly expect to sit and eat when you can walk around and get envious stares while you're licking your spoons of ice-cream.

The specialty of NBrew lies where their ice-cream gets made with fresh ingredients and off pairings; all frozen with liquid nitrogen being being popped into their in-house made wafer and to your palm. I'm not kidding, everything is freshly made, oddly paired and even the wafer; oh the Godly wafer is made IN STORE.

Freshly blended, mixed and made in every way possible; just waiting to be consumed.

There were about 10 or more of us Nuffnang bloggers in NBrew yesterday and the few enthusiastic ones got to put on the ultra cool looking scientist robe to make our very own liquid nitrogen ice-cream! Yes, the folks at NBrew were nice enough to let us have access to their machines and liquid nitrogen without the fear that we would blow anything up.

The first ones to try were Anne and Joel...our guinea pigs.

Getting a lesson on how to fill up the stainless steel jug with liquid nitrogen.

Just to show you that it is ACTUALLY bubbling liquid nitrogen. No joke!

Anne and Joel made Durian and NBrew's all time favourite Chocolate & Nuts respectively for the first round. For a durian hater as myself, I thought the gelato was really smooth and it's got a really strong stench of durian. I guess if you're not a big fan, it's smarter to move away. According to NBrew, their batches of durian mixture is made of real durian flesh and blended with milk to achieve that super creamy and durian-ish taste. The Chocolate & Nuts ice cream tasted really good to wash away the durian smell after actually and I liked how it complimented each other on the smell. I can't explain the taste or the smell but it's definitely worth a try when you're at NBrew.

And then guess who got to go wreck try out the NBrew kitchen?

The "macam yes" model.

Yup! I got to get my hands dirty (not literally, I wore gloves okay?!) and made my own ice-cream for everyone else to share! I picked out the creme brulee flavour because I'm a true sucker for creme brulee; regardless whatever forms. Don't ask why, I just love it!

So I filled up the stainless steel flask with liquid nitrogen...

And I also asked when should I stop considering I can't quite look into the flask without the smoke coming up to my face. The reply was, "You'll feel the weight" but I felt nothing so I suppose my own judgement would have to work.

Poured in 250ml of the creme brulee mixture...

And set it to the mixer before pouring in the liquid nitrogen! Check that's smoky!

I kept adding the liquid nitrogen because I can the mixture kept looking watery and the more I poured, the more smoke came out! So much so I got a little worried that it was too much at a point...

BUT it turned out looking pretty fine! SUCCESS! Hire me now, NBrew.

Okay maybe not. The bottom was fairly tough and I couldn't scoop it out and this is me hoping someone would help me.

The bottom finally softened however and I could scoop it out onto the God sent wafer!

I managed about 3 or 4 huge scoops before this much was left. I asked what could I do with it and was offered to just lick it off the scooper. So I offered it to Sue Ann who took this picture of me instead lol.

Drizzling caramel sauce onto my masterpiece...

And voila! My baby is ready! Check out the dripping sauce please!

I think my ice-cream turned out the ugliest and the messiest but I was still proud!

I'm so proud of the bloggers taking photos of my baby lololololololol no shame.

The end product was actually really good and you could really taste the vanilla bean to it bursting in flavours. Sandra also tried making her own Gula Melaka Avacado ice-cream and that was my overall favourite. It's shocking because I never liked the taste of avacado but I really loved the Gula Melaka Avacado ice-cream from NBrew. It wasn't overly sweet and the tinge of avacado scent to it was a good touch. It was absolute yummers but it also fetches a good price. All gelato flavours are priced from RM 9.90 to RM 19.90 depending on the size and flavour you pick.

Before we all left, we also got to try something that was totally off the menu and was in an experimental stage. It's known as...Affogato with Salted Caramel ice-cream. Now, regular Affogato(s) are served with vanilla ice-creams so you get that good taste of coffee but NBrew broke off from the norm and paired it off with Salted Caramel ice-cream just to see how it would fair.
A shot of freshly brewed espresso by EspressoLab with Salted Caramel ice-cream from NBrew!

Pour the espresso in...seen here with Nuffie Joelle's pretty fingers...

 And indulge!

The result was a salty, bitter yet sweet delight that everyone loved. We all demanded that they put it up their menu as soon as possible because...IT WASN'T LAUNCHED YET. Like what sorcery, how could anyone not like this Salted Caramel Affogato? I'm patiently waiting for it to be put up so I could drag my mum over  and let her try what I was bragging about all evening after that.

I came home truly satisfied and my throat felt fairly better too. Must have been the gelatos I had. Maybe NBrew could put that up their introduction too! "Now fixing sore throats, colds and mild coughs". Just saying.

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  1. It seems, alongside burgers, that liquid nitrogen ice cream has also taken over the city!

    1. Hahahaha maybe so! It's fresher and yummier! :D

  2. Thank you Elie for your blog post. It was really good to have you all dropping by on Saturday! Hope to see you again next time!

    1. Thanks for having us around, NBrew! It was really awesome to get to make my own gelato that day! :D

  3. Wow, it looks like your guys enjoy at NBrew

    1. It was great fun, Tommy! But by the end of the day, eating the gelato was definitely better than making it hehehehe. We're not very good gelato makers! ><

  4. I fall in love with the Affogato with Salted Caramel was an awesome ice cream i ever taste...

    1. Same! I didn't figure that it would taste so good but after the first spoon I was just wondering if I could have it ALL! :D


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