DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013

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This is an extremely backdated post (Because I have been working really hard for my finals as mentioned here) but I felt like I should be talking about it anyway. Remember a while back when I had a heartfelt piece talking about joining the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013 just to try my luck and see where I'd go? Well, it turns out I didn't travel too far but I still made it to the Top 50 out of...I don't know how many entries. Maybe 50 entries?

But I was honestly and thoroughly grateful to see my ugly face on the Top 50 list anyway

The thing was that I didn't get any e-mail invitations and being my first time and stuff, I had no idea if I was supposed to go anyway. So I spammed Nuffnang...and Anne. I'm really sorry about that, Nuffies. I got jittery. What I got were invites to the awards from Nuffnang but it turned out later on that only the Top 3 shortlisted bloggers would have gotten an e-mail notification. Explains the absence of it in my inbox. Whatever it is, the experience was still worth it and the excitement of even being in the Top 50 lasted in my mind for quite a while until I realized that's big enough a milestone for my blog. I'm satisfied.

Moving on, the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013 finale was held on the 6th of July and it was being streamed live from 5 different Starbucks branches. Talk about getting all Internet-y for the awards! The one I went to was in Tropicana City Mall and I even got to meet Boss Stewie and Audrey there so *sprinkles magic dust* yeah. It felt pretty special to have been there mainly because the closest I've been to any award ceremonies was at HACKS back in secondary school and that was long ago.

This was our entry stamp. According to Shah, it's like we never washed our hands and there's some black shit there then people are all going to judge us afterwards. It's Shah. Don't ask.

Everyone gets a RM 20 preloaded Starbucks card!

A little crowd formed in the tiny space of Starbucks in Tropicana City Mall!

And I made good use of the preloaded card to get my all usual Green Tea Latte. In Venti please. But I conveniently forgotten to ask for whipped cream. Serves me right.

There was lots of waiting; half from the internal problems that needed ironing and the other from the hype building. I thought it was fair to have to wait when you're getting such a cool award anyway and just happily sipped my latte. When it finally started though, I was halfway through my latte and...sipped slower after. Winner after winner were announced and we also got to watch the streaming from where we were as it jumped from branch to branch. I thought it was innovative but there must have been loads to iron out before.

The Top 3 shortlisted bloggers for the Blogger Of The Year by Nuffnang award. I was going against them at a point so it's no wonder I never got far wtf. The highlight of my day was that I *secretly got be a fan girl* and met the man behind the Miao & WafuPafu comic. Go figure which!

And before we knew it, the Blogger Of The Year by Nuffnang was revealed. This is Irene Nadia from http://irinenadia.blogspot.com/ so a big fat congrats to her! She'll be off to an all expense paid trip to Manila, Philippines with local top blogger Chuckei and the DiGi Blogger Of The Year 2012 winner Ernest!

 The nominees of the Fave Makan Makan Expert award also by Nuffnang. I thought it was funny that two of the guys had matching shirts and then there's Joel representing his other blog; ForeverHungry.
Then bam we notice that the boys with matching shirts were from EpicMakanTime! (Which explains the shirt acronym of EMT) They'll also be off to Manila, Philippines! *Insert jelly face*

For a full list of award winners including those in other branches, hop on to the Nuffnang blog! Oh and Shah also won himself a pair of tickets to Legoland, Johor from the lucky draw so go bug him if you want to return to your childhood days with those evil bricks!

*Flails arms* I wanted those tickets!

So yes, I have finally had the time to sit down with my darling blog and talk about the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013 although it's been 13 days since it passed. I promise to not go on a hiatus again because I'm totally done with my diploma! A different blog post about that later on. For now, *sniffs* I'm off to bed with a flu. I haven't been able to sleep well for the past week thanks to final rushes and now my body has given way to the relaxation point in me. Until I get better and with the next post, be well!

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