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By Elie - 3:30 AM

I know I said that I'd be on a hiatus but as you know, it never works. I'm still sort of on a hiatus right now but I'm seeking a good balance between work and this blog only to find that I could actually just be doing SOME work then blog a little and get back. That way I wouldn't be too bored or work or too sick of blogging. Which is great. So every other post from today onwards till the 29th of July will actually be scheduled as per...how it should. Keep checking to see if there's something new!

And today I'll be talking about some good ice cream. Honestly, I am a sucker for desserts and no matter how stuffed I am, I will ALWAYS have a second stomach for desserts. ALWAYS. It wasn't too different about two weeks back when I got out with Terrance (Or Terry as I will forever call him) who came back from UK finally and had Japanese food in One Utama. Lunch was great but dessert was better because I finally found a guinea pig who was willing to try out Just Like It! with me.

If you have no idea what Just Like It! is, it's basically ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and fresh ingredients. Somewhat like Kindori ice cream except their staff here wears scientist robes and everything comes in little flasks as though they were doing an experiment. I thought the concept was cool; I mean it's freaking instant ice cream smack in front of your eyes. The only reason I really wanted to try it was because I watched one of Xiaxue's old Guide To Life episodes where she made ice cream as well so...there we go.

They've got this blender ready...

Pouring out some liquid from a flask to a beaker. It's such an adorable idea, making everything so science-y and experimental.

Liquid nitrogen into the blender filled with whatever variant you've picked...

And MORE liquid nitrogen...

Before a whopping tada! This was the mango variant that Terrance picked out. I'm pretty cheap for a bestfriend, this was all he got as his 20th belated birthday present.

My macha ice cream with Oreo bits!

I really thought that the ice cream would melt within 5 minutes or something because in Xiaxue's episode of Guide To Life, she (Or was it the ice cream maker?) mentioned that it somehow melts quicker than conventional ice cream. Granted, it was forced frozen and not naturally thrown into the freezer for hours. It was still really nifty to me however because...it's new, right? In Malaysia it is anyway. The texture of the ice cream is that of any regular ice cream that you could get but it still does not hit up to the Baskin Robbins mark to me; mainly because they don't serve mint chocolate chip.

It's still a good try though if you're a liquid nitrogen ice cream virgin. Each cup sells for RM 9.90 whether regular or premium flavours. It changes and varies by day; possibly to the mood of whoever has to prepare the mixture of the frozen ice cream to be. It was really fun watching them pour in the liquid nitrogen and watching it vanish into nothing but cool, smokey air. Science. Just Like It! is found in One Utama, right outside of GSC cinemas and the bowling alley. No worries that there isn't an address attached here, you can't miss the scientists roaming the stall when you get your movie tickets from GSC!

Tall people problems! I tasked Terrance to take a picture of me with my ice cream and all I got was loads of head room in my picture...that's taken from above. Pfft.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA...ice cream. Terrance looks kind of retarded here. Let me try again.

First tall people problems, now face problems. I'm sorry buddy.

Just Like It! is definitely halal and worth a good try if you're one for weird gastronomy adventures. No worries, you'll live through it. Enjoy your ice cream!

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  1. I "just like" the look of that machine. :-)

    1. Hahahah! But it's like any ordinary blender! :P


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