Hiatus PSA

By Elie - 2:45 PM

Hello Shneep-ers! I know there's been a lack of good updates lately and there's just so much on my plate that I am dying to share with everyone. The downside of things is that...I'm currently on my final battle of this diploma that I am pursuing in IACT College; the exact same one that I've mentioned in this blog post. For the past 2 and a half years (Including the experience with Nuffnang!) it has been an uphill ride, one that I've pushed, striven and fought for.

The month of July is that of the one I would be putting more pressure on myself than I ever have since the day I began to learn of the word study. Granted, that began back in Strawberry Hill Child Development Centre in Damansara Heights when I became the first batch to experience the Smart Reader Kids programme. I've always been a slacker, I used to copy 80% of my friends' homework and even cheated a few time in high school exams. This time however, it is different. I am no in position to slack, to rest or to be "demotivated." (Although that is a pure lie, I was already demotivated when there were mosquitoes circling me last night while I churned out my article for the assignment.)

Anyway just to cut the story short, I'll be away for a while. Sure I'll swing by to visit but half the time it's probably a hiatus for me. Don't leave me though, rest assured I will be back. Meanwhile, here's a camwhore photo of me for you. Hearts, Shneep.

This was originally set to be my entry to Nuffnang's #NNGotYouCovered Instagram contest entry but...I guess I saved it for the better.

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