Tasting Om Noms at Wendy's, KLCC

By Elie - 11:10 AM

Sometimes I wonder how great life would be if you were invited to actually go somewhere and be told to eat, eat and eat without having to worry about a single thing. That was when Nuffnang called me up and said, “Oi, there’s a food tasting session at Wendy’s, KLCC on Thursday. Would you like to go get fat?” Okay, so that was not the true context of what they said but you get the idea, no? It was also funny because there is a Wendy’s in Jaya One that we often frequent for the aircond and free WiFi lunch but hey, who would just walk away from the chance to go eat without worries?!

Hello Wendy!

So off I rushed to KLCC last Thursday before class actually ended but I was grateful that Rachel was understanding enough to let me go. HERE I COME, FOOD! I still reached KLCC a little late however because Penny (Who was super nice to send me to the LRT station omg thank you) and I were stuck in traffic for a while and the LRT took some time anyway. I was glad however that the food tasting session had not started when I reached about 15 minutes after 3 PM because it had meant I was *somewhat* on time.

We weren’t told much about what we would be eating so Sarah, Joel and I assumed that we would be eating burgers; because that’s what Wendy’s was fairly famous for. Delicious burgers made from fresh ingredients sounded pretty good to bring us to the near end of the week. We were surprised however when we were served with rice and that was when we realized that we would be the first ones to try out Wendy’s new menu: The Ramadhan Deluxe menu that comes in either Beef Rendang or Chicken Rendang.

Not bad hor? Looks so yummy! My photography skills…not bad. This is the Beef Rendang Set (RM 8.50 excluding taxes) that first came…and isn’t mine.

The Chicken Rendang set (RM 8.50 excluding taxes)

Each set comes with a succulent chicken or 100% juicy Australian beef infused with a thick concoction of coconuts, lemongrass and chilli as well as a serving potato rendang, papadums, rice with santan and slices of cucumbers. Nothing spells “Malaysia” more than a dish specially made like this. I would imagine the delight on my Muslim friends’ faces when they get to break their fast to this during the Ramadhan month actually. It completely takes me back to the memories of days in National Service when I tried to fast for a day and the moment I was allowed to eat was pure bliss. I remember how I took my first bite of the chicken rendang on that day in the canteen and it felt just as it did today in Wendy’s with this chicken rendang set!

The chicken was indeed really succulent here and the sauce was just at the right consistency and taste to be honest. In fact, I couldn’t quite stop scooping up the rendang and mixing it up with my rice for a tastier scoop. I think I ate more of the rice with rendang than the chicken itself actually. What lacked however was a much more fragrant smell from the rice with santan because I had expected a really strong santan taste but that wasn’t found there. I suppose they didn’t want the rice to overpower the taste and scent of the rendang anyway. Each set could be completed with an additional RM 2 each for a regular Heaven & Earth Iced Lemon Tea, Onion Rings or Frosties from Wendy’s. Yum!

Wendy’s brand new addition to the menu: Onion Rings.

I would pick out onions from my own fried rice so when this serving of Onion Rings came to my face, I thought it was the death of me. But I did tell myself to try it out and see if it would amaze me and it actually did. The onion was actually crispy even after being fried and fairly sweet to taste. It was also pretty huge compared to regular onion rings that comes in tiny little chunks but Wendy’s has got it big.

Crème Brulee shake and Grape Float

Sam Lee, the assistant manager of the marketing department offered us a selection of desserts after we were done with eating and being the glutton that I am, I would have never let the chance go. I picked out the crème brulee shake because it sounded fairly interesting to have crème brulee turned into shake and I knew I had to try it. The grape float in the picture belongs to Joel and it’s there because I think it looks pretty in the cup with a red lid.

 Ohm nom nom nom...

Please excuse the fact that I look like a zombie; I had less than 6 hours of the sleep the night before. Life of a student really. The crème brulee shake was indeed an interesting order; being in a thicker consistency than other shakes you could get from fast food joints and the taste was something I couldn’t quite explain. It wasn’t quite the vanilla-ish taste and neither did it approach the chocolate side of life so I suppose that’s what makes it special.

Here’s an unflattering shot of Joel chowing down the Wendy’s Signature Beef Burger

Oh yes, we were also offered to try out their burgers and things off the regular menu but I decided to forego that. I’d get them from Jaya One as well, no? A fair few of them were a lot more adventurous however and ordered a helping of burgers but none of them ended up like this person in the picture I have above. “Don’t waste food,” he said while stuffing himself up. It’s a mystery how he is still so skinny.

I left with a stuffed stomach shortly after we were done just to make it back to PJ and NOT have to take the public transport home and I was more than satisfied for the day. Delicious food and a great day to boot; bar the sleepiness was actually a happy occasion. The moment I got home however was the moment I got to dig into my goodie bag and found these from the generous folks at Wendy’s!

They gave us T-shirts!

The words on this oversized t-shirt says “Quality is our recipe. Our burgers are made to order. We don’t cut corners. Fresh, premium ingredients” and is all in line with the belief of which Wendy’s holds onto; “ALL OF WENDY’S SPINS OFF ONE WORD – FRESH” a quote by the founder of Wendy’s, Dave Thomas.

Most epic over-the-shoulder shot I've ever taken~

I love t-shirts with wordings even at the back and this one says “Wendy’s 5 Tasty Quality Years.” I have no idea what it means but they are printed on the back of the t-shirt and I like it that way!


It was an overall good day although I had to fly from Jaya One to KLCC within half an hour but the food was truly worth it in the end. I’ve got to thank Nuffnang for feeding me and making me fat this time around and also to Wendy’s Malaysia (Go check them out on Facebook!) for hosting this really amazing food tasting session with the other bloggers. I do hope all Muslim friends will have a great Ramadhan this year with the Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe sets because they are affordable and yummy. Trust me…and my tongue on this!

Maybe I’ll try to fast for a day again this year. Just for the fun of it.

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  1. Wendy's natural cut fries is a MUST try, I would always prefer Wendy's over Mcdonalds fries after I discovered it, totally fall in love with it!

    1. Oh yes, I agree. Their fries are the bomb! Less salty and doesn't get half as soggy as the ones you mentioned hehehe. :D

  2. so nice of u, having this delicious food with ur brother joel! muahahahaa


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