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By Elie - 7:37 AM

This is probably going to be one of those recap posts that bores the living light out of many people but it is also one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had. And take this from me when I say it: I have terrible memory. Seriously it's a wonder I have ever passed any of my exams with whatever I've memorized. Or maybe I'm a good bullshitter. Either way, I remember this very dream so clearly that I actually think something is being told...in some way.

For some reason, I've always been a vivid dreamer. Everything I see when I close my eyes are in full colours but I don't remember what happens in it. Last night or early this morning (I don't know what time exactly I began to dream of this) however, I dreamed of the most ridiculous thing. It doesn't make sense, but bear with my weird mind here.

It starts off with me buying bus tickets for myself and a partner whom I have no idea who to go to Genting Highlands. I believe this is due to me talking about going to Genting endlessly before they close up the theme park in September to make way for the 20th Century Fox theme park. Thing is, I have no idea who this partner of mine is but I believe it's got a hint of Wai Kin incorporated in "him" because "he" was late and I had to buy the tickets myself. I think I'll just call him B for now. Don't blame me, I never got to see his face.

Switch scene and we're in Genting Highlands together. It's weird because B and I don't seem to be that close but we're just up there having fun on rides and what not until B says that we should leave now. And I somehow agree. (WHAT IS THIS, BRAIN? YOU DON'T JUST FOLLOW WHATEVER A STRANGER SAYS!) Before getting on the bus however, B notices lights coming from...a beach. To which I am really trying hard to get a grasp of this at the moment because...was I not at Genting Highlands?


Switch scene again and B drags me to the source of the light at whatever beach he notices. Don't ask me what happened to being in Genting Highlands. I don't get it either. Some random uncle who seemingly sells lightsabers (This must come from excessive Criminal Case gaming on Facebook) tells B and I that there's a party happening at this beach a little over 6pm. Notice how crystal clear these tiny pieces of information comes to me? So B asks if we could stay instead and I said yes. (BRAIN, YOU'RE NOT CO-OPERATING HERE!)

I think this is the final switch scene whereby there's me partying at the beach with B...only. I think the uncle just lied to us and wanted to sell us his fake lightsabers because there was no one else who would buy them. And then it started raining and for some reason, B and I didn't run away. We just stayed there waving our lightsabers at the random waves that were crashing on the beach until we noticed how ginormous one of the splashes were. Are you catching my drift here?

Yes. A tsunami happened. Like smack in front of my face although in all technical terms I have no idea how a tsunami looks like up close. The closest I can imagine is a cut scene from the movie The Impossible but that was just it. I remember that B and I ran for our lives towards land but he had kicked the "Lightsaber" uncle's table and fell. I ran back for him (My God, I'm so awesome!) and took his hand before we continued running. And the last thing I saw? A tsunami waving over my head while I stare at B and...my dad knocked on my door.

"Oh...I am God today and I saved you from deep shit," dad said this morning during breakfast. Yeah, thanks uhm...God.

So that's really just my dream. I don't get it. I've been online looking for dream interpretations and these are the things they have come up with for me. Here's the links to what they have to say to my dreams. Beach. Tsunami. Theme park. I don't even know what it means. Maybe I just need a getaway. Without the tsunami. Pretty sure daddy "God" won't be there to save me then.

Le beach and I. Le fats and I too. *Cue workout mode*

I figured there is no politically correct photograph to this post so I picked out something close enough. Close enough...no?

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  1. You look slim in this picture though

    1. Dari belakang got illusion a bit ma. Lol this was taken last year November or December before I ballooned up quite a bit anyway... ^^


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