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By Elie - 6:35 PM

It actually feels like it's been a while since I did a personal piece - one that isn't review based or to talk about food and movies. So here I am to update everyone on things that has simply been going on. I think the last I've really talked about myself was in my hiatus PSA post when I raged about my final assignment and exams.

Lolololol at my stupid face on the student ID. It was a picture taken during my National Service days but I regret nothing. I get to laugh at myself now.

What's new? For one, I've finally graduated I'm now waiting to see if I will be an official graduate with double diplomas from IACT College and some marketing body in Malaysia. It's an add on to my current holding in LCCI (That pretty much equals to a diploma apparently?) so I'm really hoping that everything goes smooth and I wouldn't have to pay extra to resit or retake any of my subjects.

That said, look what came into my postbox the other day!

Efficient much?

Like hello, I've just finished with my exams and assignments, I haven't even gotten my results and you're asking me to pay my loans already? *Throws it aside until I find a job to repay whatever I owe the government* And the postman didn't even hand deliver it to me. He technically ripped the sticker of the registered post thing; possibly signed it off himself and left it in my postbox. WHAT THE HECK YOU LAZY SHIT. So really if there's anyone from the loan board reading this, I DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR LETTER IN LEGAL TERMS BECAUSE I DID NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE ARRIVAL OF THIS DOCUMENT OFFICIALLY.

I did NOT sign on this thing. In fact, I didn't even figure it was registered post until much later when I noticed a discolouration on that part of the envelope!

Moving on, I've finally come around to doing something I have wanted to do since aeons ago but I never had the chance because I couldn't focus enough...

Nihon-go no hatsuon (Pronunciation of Japanese)

My days have seriously just been full of "A I U E O, KA KI KU KE KO" and so on and so forth for now. I'm practicing written Japanese in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji although it's really just Hiragana for the start. Spoken lessons also follows through and I'm really happy to be blessed enough and be attending Japanese classes with my uncle's friend, Arakawa-san.

I write mediocre Hiragana now! Pictured here is A, I, U, E and O.

Other things in life has also been taking twists and turns while I take the time to accept each and everyone of them. I think it's called "Growing up", something all adults hate and I think I'm not really enjoying it that much either. Then again, what would I know about being an adult?

Everything is so pretty, I wish I could give it a second chance to live again.

And that's really just about the things I've got to update on. I don't know if this was even worthy of an update but I think at a point in life later on I would come by and remember days like these. Much like a documentation of my personal growth, I think. I've got a boring life for now but maybe if I worked harder, something great would come my way. Maybe...

But until's a self-loving moment of me!

Picture taken in Padini, 1U. Their lighting sucks and I was trying on this cap that costs RM 39. I was absolutely in love but it's so pricey! No editing so live with the ugly colour la!

I think I'm made for more than just being vain and camwhore-ish but hey, I'm young and I can do whatever I should do while I still am! Anyone want to hire me, by the way? I'm really lifeless for now.

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  1. beautiful flower you got there~ =D

    1. Hahaha thanks. I think he got to great lengths to buy them for me. :)

  2. Double diplomas... that's impressive. Well done. :-)

    1. A true shocker for me because I didn't really know it until later on in my course so it's quite celebratory to an unexpected paper! :)


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