Eating Out: Restoran Thai Chieng Mai

By Elie - 10:09 AM

Fatty strikes again! So technically this whole post-graduate life is treating me fairly well with attempts to exercise in the mornings so I stop growing...sideways. But when my dad said, "Let's go for Thai food", I was sold. Immediately sold. Nobody stops Elie from having Thai food! NOBODY!

Sorry about the picture, the colour they picked out for their signage is really bad.

Hiding in the "Kampung Baru" area of Sungai Buloh sits this little home style restaurant that serves decent Thai food for a small amount of people. When I say small amount I mean really small because they only have about 7 to 8 tables inside. We've always wanted to try it out but with just my parents, myself and my grandmother, it's fairly hard to order food. So when Chef came home on Sunday, my dad thought about what better time than this to visit!

Tom Yum Seafood (RM 20)

No dinner of Thai food will ever be complete with Tom Yum be it seafood or chicken. In Restoran Thai Chiengmai, they have servings of Tom Yum Seafood that begins from RM 15 to RM 30, very much depending on the size you order. Our verdict? It's brilliant! It wasn't too spicy or too sour to drink and they have CRABS inside! How can anyone be expecting crab inside a pot of Tom Yum soup that costs only RM 20? Ingredients inside was no lacking either but I think they could have gotten fresher prawns. The ones we had were a little mushy.

Thai Fish Cake (RM 10 @ RM 2 per piece)

The thing about the Thai Fish Cake in Restoran Thai Chiengmai is that it is seriously filled with an abundance of flavours. Basil, fish and every other spice that I can't quite figure out all in one little piece of fish cake. The minimum order goes for 3 pieces and they also have Prawn Cakes but you apparently have to pre-order them or there's nothing for you! I think it's quite a must order though so don't miss out on it!

Thai Style Tauhu (RM 10)

I'm a tauhu freak and wherever I go, it's a must order just to satisfy...ME. I really like how they used egg tauhu and lightly fried it then topped it off with Thai chilli sauce and chopped cucumbers on top. The sprinkle of peanuts adds to a great bite too and I finished up this plate of tauhu quicker than anyone could say Thailand. Superb yummers!

Sweet & Sour Paku (RM 10)

I was truly expecting this to taste close enough to what I could get from Jeff Lee Kitchen just a turn away from this place but unfortunately, it wasn't. It wasn't even close. I was even expecting it to be cold but it came out hot (FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS LA EVERYONE WANTS HOT FOOD AND THIS WEIRDO WANTS COLD FOOD) and drenched with regular chilli sauce like the one they used in the Thai Style Tauhu. I was disappointed.

Glass Noodle Salad (RM15)

Again, I had expected a cold dish but it came out hot. It was still really good however; possibly from the good topping of a certain vegetable that I have no idea what. There was so much of glass noodles at the bottom of the dish that we couldn't really finish it up and ended up packing it back home. We were really supposed to have it for lunch yesterday but it's still inside our fridge so we'll probably have it for dinner later instead. 

Free dessert! Brown Sticky Rice with Coconut!

Yes! If you thought our meal would have ended with simply dishes like that, you were wrong. We were later served with FREE dessert (Notice the emphasis on free...because I'm Chinese like that!) that they prepared. It was not overly sweet and the thickness was just right to boot. It was a great end to our sudden find and I was graciously happy!

Our total damage including 5 coconuts to drink and white rice came to RM 95; a bill picked up by Chef as per usual. It's like a family thing when you're working - you support the family. It's what makes the Lam family...a family.

A shaky panorama because we were rushing to leave...
Decorative umbrellas!

They had the restaurant decorated with lots of umbrellas like these and the TV was even broadcasting a Thai series from their channel. LIKE EXCUSE ME THE GUY IN THE SERIES WAS SO HANDSOME, I WAS JUST GLUED TO WATCHING THE SERIES THROUGHOUT DINNER. I'd definitely re-visit Restoran Thai Chiengmai soon with or without Chef coming along. Maybe then I'd get to try their prawn cakes! And probably pay if I could get a job. HELLO POST-GRADUATE FOR HIRE HERE!!!

Restoran Thai Chiengmai
No. 122B, Jalan Welfare, 
Kg.Baru Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03 - 6140 1972

Business hours:
Lunch from 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Dinner from 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Closed on:
1st Thursdays of every month for dinner

P/S: Some stupid person has listed this place as a Vietnamese restaurant on Foursquare and I've been trying to change it back to the Thai category but I failed. Mehhh people THIS IS THAI, NOT VIETNAMESE! >< 

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  1. Now you have me craving a big bowl of tom yam.

    1. Hahahaha! Selamat Hari Raya, The Yum List. You should be craving rendang, not tom yum! :P

  2. Yummy! Good sharing:D I know where to check out when I visit Sungai Buluh!

    Was having Thai too last night:D

    1. There's a few good eateries in Sungai Buloh actually but you've just really got to go on a mad hunt...


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