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By Elie - 5:00 AM

Yes, I have succumbed to the power of social media and finally tried out Little Wonton after much news come about of this place in Bangsar that sold...wontons. A well-known Chinese dish of various cuisines, wontons generally contains pork, shrimp, chicken and occasionally scallops. It is served either with soup or fried to the crisp and is often in a wrapped up with a dough skin made of flour, water, egg and salt.

Spot the green to find Little Wonton!

Little Wonton however broke free from the norms of such fillings in ordinary wontons are put a twist into this traditional Chinese dish for the taste of the newer generations. With odd flavours such as ham pineapple cheese, tuna mayo and peach chocolate wontons, it's no wonder there was a quick buzz of the this tiny wonton store. However they don't serve it with soup, only fried and it comes with a steep price tag of RM 7.90 for 6 pieces of wontons.

And they come looking like this. I was skeptical.

True enough, these wontons lived up to the name of the store. They were little. Little wontons. Geddit? Pui Yi and I picked out the lotus paste wontons just to be on a safer side as compared to lamb satay pineapple, sausage tomato cheese or kaya banana as a variant. It was decent to taste, not overly sweet when you eat it piping hot but when it's a little cold, the skin gets dry and tough while the filling gets terribly sweet. I'm torn between enjoyment and hatred. These wontons definitely wouldn't have filled me up but it came with noodles as a set for RM 13 so I thought that was fairly okay.

The lady recommended the charcoal noodles with spicy thai sauce, seafood tofu and chicken.
Original price: RM 6.90.

Boy was I disappointed with this. I had expected a lot from the charcoal noodles because everything with charcoal is apparently healthier and better (cue BurgerLab!) but I asked the girl behind the counter what she would recommend only to get this. The thai sauce tasted so bad that I had no idea what I was REALLY having and the whole bowl was just finished for the sake of finishing. It is after all, quite expensive for a tiny bowl of charcoal noodles. That just totally killed my mood to have anything else although I initially noticed the Forty Licks ice cream chiller. But even that was a no-go.

Bar stools for those who are in denial of their height enjoy being a little taller.

Benches for the old school charmers.

 Corner areas for those who needs more privacy.
Couch seats for those who grab them quick.

A different side of couch seats for those who weren't quick enough earlier.

Pillows up for grabs.

And lights...just because I want to be artsy fartsy.

There is a certain rustic-ish and vintage charm to Little Wonton but that probably has also contributed to the high price tag all the stuff on their menu had. Even a passion fruit lemon tea that came in a cheap skate plastic cup you'd find in parties with a sticker stuck to it costs RM 6 and other drinks such as lattes, mocha and cappuccinos can go for RM 7 a cup. I felt that it really was quite pricey especially given that their size wasn't that big after all. Of course, it's not comparable to any of those famous franchised coffee hubs but for a little shop like this one, it's really not worthy.

As an overall, I think Little Wonton is nothing but a hype of hipster-ness. The food isn't great, the wontons are fairly disappointing and the drinks are cut throat on prices. You're really just paying for the ambiance and fact that you're THERE but it's nothing more than just that. I do however feed it the benefit of the doubt since I was the only one who ate because Pui Yi wasn't feeling too well to try more but I really don't think I would be back unless any of my friends want to give it a go. My advice however is to skip it as a whole. 

My next aim is KGB Bangsar that promises good burgers at a reasonable price. Someone give me a heads up, please?

Little Wonton
(Landmark: It's a store after Dip & Dip, Bangsar)
9, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru 59100,
Kuala Lumpur

Open on Mondays, Wednesdays to Fridays from 12 PM - 10 PM
Open on weekends from 11 AM - 10 PM
Closed on Tuesdays

03 - 2202 2613

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  1. Arghhh..... I wanna try the charcoal noodles !!!! T.T

    1. Hahaha my suggestion is NOT to try it. So unworthy. :(


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