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Hello there, milestone. I remember when you felt like aeons away and now with a blink of an eye, you're right here greeting me with so much charm and pretty memories. Today, I am 21.

Using a photo taken a few weeks ago because I haven't taken any lately. But hey look it moves!

A lot of people would think, what's so great about YOU being 21 that you need a whole blog post to talk about it? And then they'd brand me as an attention seeker, loser and probably call me lame. But let me put this straight: This is my blog, my space and so I can say whatever I want, write whatever I like and do whatever makes me happy. What you think about this blog post doesn't matter to me.
And here I begin my long winded story of how grateful I am for the gift of life. You may leave if this isn't your forte.

November 1992 - My full moon...I think?

21 years ago a couple with a 6 year old son found themselves busy all over again with a cry baby in their hands. Not only did they have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed this chubby little girl, they had to change her diapers, make her smile and see that she's well. Midway through, there were scares (Word is that some nurse overdosed me when I was still in the hospital. Might be the reason for the craziness today) but she still grew up from a healthy little girl to a cheeky monster back in the days.

Chubby baby had loads to think about back in the day.

And even more to cry about.

She has the best big brother ever!

And he had an irresistible sister *coughs*

She fell in love at a really young age.

And had the coolest grandparents ever.

Sending her to kindergarten was the worst- this little girl wouldn't stop crying EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. This lasted for *coughs* half a year and the tantrums would ensue every morning at the drop off point of the kindergarten in Damansara Heights without fail. This little girl thought she was being abandoned for ruining the walls of home (I was very "artistic" with crayons) and never understood the cycle of being in a kindergarten while her parents made a living and fought this evil plan to throw her away in the vicious ways of tears.
Apparently child labour didn't play too well with this little devil.

But wearing hand-me-downs from her brother did.

She also ate. A lot. Of junk. Like donuts with chocolate sprinkles. Yum.
 And she grew up. (A leap of age because I can't find anything glamourous of my younger days)


Too quickly. (One of those promoter jobs I did 5 years ago)

She wasn't atrociously naughty in primary and secondary school days but she skipped them a lot in the higher forms because it was probably just puberty that contributed to laziness. Grades weren't in flying colours but they didn't take the nose dive either, balancing on border lines all the time and all that teachers had to say were, "Maybe she should work harder but she's not naughty so that's good." Her after school activities were close to none which is probably why she got sent to National Service in the first place. Served her right.

She also got a boy cut making it seem like this couple had 2 sons.
3 months of National Service found this couple travelling from home to Banting on every other weekend because they were first worried and secondly because this almost-grown-up daughter couldn't shit too well in the dirty toilets. Prunes needed to be sent every Sunday. Petrol and toll didn't matter, the time commuting didn't matter and the hassle didn't matter. THOSE PRUNES NEEDED TO ARRIVE KEM PLKN JUGRA BANTING.
College days begun for this young girl and the work of this doting couple didn't seem to stop. Their daughter was never a great student and to their horror, she came home one day with a boy with tow. "Good God," must be an understatement but they accepted it anyway because well, their daughter loved this boy and nothing could be stopped. They were young once, they understand. As things went downhill, they understood it too. They were young once.
 All grown up.

Today this daughter of theirs steps into a new realm; a realm called adulthood and it's pretty fearsome even for them. Would she survive or would she stumble and fall? Would she be hurt, scraped with blood or be covered in bruises? No one knows, but isn't that the beauty of growth? They'll always be here for that little girl anyway regardless the time of day. Because they couldn't stop loving her. That cheeky, mischievous, cry baby of a daughter. 
--- Growth story ends here --- Thank you notes begins here --

Everyday when I wake up, I thank God for putting me in the life of this couple albeit intervening with their possible thoughts of an early retirement since their son was so grown up anyway. 
I thank my dad for being so annoying sometimes, texting me to ask if I'm coming home early nowadays when the society is so bad (And then I get worried if he DOESN'T text me because it feels so weird that he doesn't nag me...what is this) and for being the most strict father ever. I thank him for the everyday that he mumbles and grumbles when he has to drive me wherever I need to go even when the traffic sucks and for being such a good cockroach killer. And for fixing my aircond, my roof leaks as well as light bulbs that has blown. I always leave him thank you notes and the one thing I thank him for today is that he is my daddy. *Throws a billion kisses to him then sits on his lap* Because I can.

I  thank her for being pregnant with me for 9 months then giving birth to me, feeding me and washing me through all the sleepless nights after. Also thank her for being so naggy all the time, telling me that I need to be more girly and to not step on my dad's nerves or I'll be banned from doing stuff. Thanks for always being there when I'm sad, happy and for telling me to go for whatever I want to go for so long I come home in one piece and daddy doesn't disown me after. You're an awesome mother with so much zest to keep doing things like shopping and going places, sometimes I can't even keep up. Thank you for being MY mummy, mummy. *Rubs self on mum like a kitty does on owners* Because I can.

I thank my silly brother for being so silly. For loving me so much that you'd really *secretly* be pampering me even when I was such a cry baby that annoyed you in my younger days. Thanks for always being there to fight with and to annoy because WHAT ARE SIBLINGS FOR? Thanks for living with my pokes and jeers, my wants and needs and ultimately thanks for being who you are. My stupid brother whom I love to no ends. *Plays with his hair* Because I can.

And finally, thanks to everyone who's been a part of my currently only 21 years of life be it even if just for a minute or for years to count. You guys have all been contributing to my growing up days and you guys all teach me a new lesson every single day. It doesn't matter if you hate me or like me or just think I ought to go die, thanks. Because even if it's a thought full of anger, at least I existed in your mind. *Prances all around* Because I can.

Just ending this post with my newest favourite picture I've found.

Because I miss him.

I'm finally 21. I shall enter a casino.

P/S: Lengthy blog post. So lengthy, I didn't proof read it so if you find mistakes in it just tell me and I'll correct them. Don't tell me to change my history in life though. I'll punch you.

PP/S: Happy National Day, China. Check that out, I have 7,113,400,000 people celebrating with me! *Throws confetti*

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