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This has been such a long overdue talk but I figured I might as well make the most of what I could remember from the conversation I had with my friends. People may not know this too well but I often feel fairly awkward around new surroundings. For a blogger, that's pretty bad news because there's events and what not but if you notice, I'm half the time either at a corner sipping my drink or standing around people I know yet I'm not quite talking to them. It's an illusion that I am a part of the "cool people" and I'm not a loner. I am however not an introvert because...hey I write a blog. How is that being introverted if I'm sharing all these things with you guys?

As a result of my awkwardness, there's only a handful of people I have in my life whom I much consider as my close friends. When I say close friends, it means I am not afraid to bug the life out of you at 3 in the morning or to get so thick faced as to simply say, "You're buying me lunch right?" out of nowhere. And if you're one of my close friends, chances are you'll know when I talk about my other close friends. So this is the story of my close friends and I on a Whatsapp group.

All names has been covered up for my friends' sake.

It started off with one of them asking if there's an affordable place for sale. Imagine, we've all just turned legal enough to walk into a casino and she's already thinking of buying a place to live in. I haven't even figured out how I'll get my money to buy my camera what is this?!

The truth beckons.

The real deal with the world out there today however is that unless you've suddenly struck lottery or you've always been born with a silver spoon, it's really not that easy to get a place of our own. Which is why I've already told my old folks I will live with them forever.

The red boxes is to indicate that we've been cussing throughout. Sorry.

It's fairly sad to read this because it really means we're all growing up. And too quickly at that. What happened to having to think the only important thing is life was whether or not we would go to school tomorrow?

That's me...cussing in the first line.

It's also a point of realization that we'd probably be sitting down and discussing about stuff like car installment rates and what not instead of who's the best artist to follow at that point of time when we sit down in about 5 years time. In fact, where would I be in 5 years time?

To be honest? I have no idea. There is a part of me that really wishes things have taken a huge turnaround in 5 years time be it my life or the things I do with it. There's only so much you could figure from the standpoint where you are at today and you're mostly left with hoping, dreaming and imagining after. I wonder however if we're all growing up too fast. Another part wonders if I ever want to grow up at all. What if I don't like who I grow up to be or how I turn out to be? Could I turn back time?

This is really just a silly babble moment for me to rant on my post-teenage point in life. It's like a midlife a really early stage. Maybe someday I'll look back at this and laugh at myself. This is how I used to be at the point of turning legal. I think I'm okay...for now.

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