Food Adventures: Cross-Legged Cafe

By Elie - 5:00 AM

There are so many food posts, it's practically understandable how I am so fat! But it's fine, I'll work it out...I think. So today's babble is about Cross-Legged Cafe, a little eatery located in one of the first floor shoplots around The Strand, Kota Damansara. There were quite a number of reviews online about this cafe and the one I remember most was the read off Henry's blog.

It's really called Cross-Legged Cafe and not the other way around.

And if you need help while driving, there's also this outside!

I think it's a real trend for eateries around The Strand that they are all located on the first floor (That or the rent is cheaper) so you really have to keep your eyes peeled! To hunt for Cross-Legged Cafe, simply drive towards Burger Junkyard of The Strand and you'll eventually find it.

A big table for big crowds...

A little chill out corner but the ones seated outside would be pretty sad.

Counter area where you may help yourselves to water and sugar.

An odd area for a couch. For light reading maybe.

And high tables for the ones who prefer it. This reminds me of the seating at Dreamz Bakery.

My artsy-fartsy shot of the menu at Cross-Legged Cafe with my Riddick aviators.

Interior wise, they've completely played it simply what with the white notes and the clean placement. There aren't many tables however so it's a real risk to visit on weekdays unless you have somewhere else to dine in mind. 

Complimentary mid-autumn goodies!

Owing to the fact that it will soon be mid-autumn festival, the nice lady at Cross-Legged Cafe came to us with a plate of this. A little slice of nutty mooncake and a Chinese pastry. I have no idea what they call this Chinese pastry. I'm a fail Chinese.

Peppermint tea @ RM 6 (Refillable)

Fresh Orange Juice @ RM 8

I have been spoiled with the fact that I once tasted really good, really "kaw" orange juice for only RM 1 at a coffeeshop in Cheras so RM 8 was quite a hefty price for me. That was Sue Yin's order however and she felt that it was tasteful enough for the tag it had. The peppermint tea (surprise, surprise) was my order and there's nothing great. It's just tea. With mint. I love mint.

My crazy sister-from-another-mother Sue Yin coming through...

And me too! So you don't get sick of looking at food, food and nothing but food. There's us to look at!

Broccoli Prawn Soup @ RM 10

With no real prawns, no lies!

This was reviewed by quite a lot of people so we thought of getting a bowl to share out between us two. True enough, the soup was really thick to taste and it was probably the healthiest I've felt in the longest of times. While it was a good order because we knew a lot of broccoli must have died for this, the smell was too overwhelming to really be enjoyed and the prawns were a tad bit too salty when bitten into.

Lemongrass Chicken Pasta @ RM 15

My attempt at another artsy-fartsy shoot for food. I failed.

I picked out the lemongrass chicken pasta because I thought it would be a great pick. And I was right. The lemongrass infused chicken served with fettuccine was a real delight to bite into because it was really chewy on the pasta yet perfectly moist on the chicken. It did however get a little too salty towards the end and there was also a hint of spiciness to it so that's something to think about. The portion was just right since I already had some soup earlier so for the price I paid, I felt it was definitely worth it.

Cream Chicken Potato Pasta @ RM 15

Sue Yin picked out the cream chicken potato pasta because it sounded fairly interesting and she was right too. The taste was indeed interesting with the texture of potatoes wrapping around the fettuccine. It wasn't overly creamy which is good because you wouldn't feel like vomiting after eating it for 298747187516454 years. It did fall off as a little bit bland after I tried my lemongrass chicken pasta however but Sue Yin thought it was not too bad to taste.

We had initially wanted to try the Choc Stax priced at RM 6 but I noticed how the other customers had it on their table and it was really tiny. It almost looked like the size of 2 or 3 Oreo biscuits stacked together and I thought it just wasn't worth the money if we were to try it. Our bill had set us off RM 53 in total and I thought it was just in between being pricey and reasonable. The food wasn't overly great but I suppose it's really the ambiance you would be looking for. Service was really slow however and I'm not sure if it's due to the lack of manpower but it would be a real horror story if you were to be there on a day when it's full.

I'm fairly torn on whether or not I would re-visit because it is still a little on the high end side for food but on the other hand, they do appear to have some interesting stuff on the menu. I'll figure it out. Until me some other places to try! Because who cares about being fat right? Because I really love food.

Cross-Legged Cafe

1st Floor, 67-1, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.

Open from 12 PM - 2 PM & 6 PM - 9 PM from Tuesdays to Fridays
Open from 11 AM - 12 PM on Saturdays
Open from 11 AM - 3 PM on Sundays
Closed on Mondays

013 - 212 7713

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  1. What an interesting name. I wonder what the story is behind it.

    1. I think they wanted to aim for something relaxing enough. But those chairs they have don't really look comfortable to seat cross-legged. :(


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