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By Elie - 6:30 AM

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If there’s one thing I hate more about waiting for the KTM, it is to have nothing to do while waiting. The thing is that I live pretty far off from town and I don’t drive very often so the KTM is the next best thing to having to stay home or give puppy eyes to my friends so they would fetch me out. However, half the time while I’m in the train I would be bored to death because I have really short attention span so games are completely out of the question which leaves me with nothing but staring at people.

But nowadays I don’t have to stare at people or curse my bad luck of waiting for a delayed train because Celcom has come up with this awesome app to kill boredom anyday, anytime, anywhere! Meet ESCAPE, the awesome application that’s FREE to download from the App Store so you can watch movies, series and all sorts of live events wherever you go!

Donning a really clean interface for use

Trust me when I say this, there is no escaping ESCAPE once you’re in it because of the variety it offers and the fact that it’s only RM 0.80 an hour to watch just sort of sucks you in even more. Everything actually comes in high-res too and it just doesn’t make sense how I’m paying so little and watching close to HD stuff. It’s not logical but I’m super Chinese so I’m not complaining.

They even have 101 Dalmatians! That movie is so classical!

And when you tap on "more info", you get to see who the casts are and who directed the movie. This is the information for Princess Diaries 2 which I really love just because there's Chris Pine in it. *Fans self*

So now you’ll probably wonder how much I would rage when I finally reach my station right? Admit it, you're waiting to see me get angry. But it’s okay because ESCAPE lets me hit the pause button, keep my phone then hit play when I’m home and in front of my laptop; picking up exactly where I’ve stopped. So if I was watching Anne Hathaway during her bridal shower and sliding down the mattress halfway, she has to stay there until I get home and let her slide down.

 They even have the entire Harry Potter series! Someone should organize a Harry Potter marathon and everyone could come dressed like witches and wizards while drinking butterbeer!

ESCAPE doesn’t just cater to single movies but they even have serial dramas too like The Little Nyonya (小娘), the Singaporean drama from the year 2008. I remember when I watched it on NTV7 a while back and I was so addicted to it but I never got to watch the full version because my timing was really inconsistent but now I get to pause and play whenever I want! Sorry ah, Jeanette Aw if you’re in the middle of cooking. I promise your pai tee will still taste good.

This series is so awesome, everyone should be watching it! *Glares*

Oh, did I also mention that ESCAPE is really easy to get access to? Just go to your App Store (or Apple store for iOS users) and search for ESCnow then download the 16MB file before heading to to register and you’ll be ready to run! ESCAPE is available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide and there’s even a chance to win big with their “Who Am I?” contest right now! All you have to do is to watch the video of a man showing off some kick arse kung fu, read the clues from the app or website then SMS your answer to 20888 if you’re a Celcom customer!

Now people can be picking their nose and sticking it under the seats on the KTM and I won’t even know. Hey, it’s not like they’re sticking it under MY seat! (╯▽╰)

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