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Before I start off, let me get really lame and say it's about time I got this review posted. And the pun is over. Richard Curtis, writer of Love Actually and Notting Hill strikes again with About Time starring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy. I hit up IMDB the very moment I noticed that Nuffnang had a Nuffnang Premiere Screening for it and tonight after watching it, I really loved the movie. But hang on, I wouldn't tell you just about why.

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The plot for the movie is simple enough yet sophisticated to a point. Bear with me while I do a quick recap. Our lead; Tim finds out at the age of 21 that something strange runs in every male of his family- they can travel back in time and fix things. Well, not particularly FIX things but probably just make a different decision than the one he has made and said different things from what he has said. We follow on wondering what he would do with this "magic" in his blood and the rest of what is perceived to be a perfect life. 

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Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, the awkward 21 year old who has had no luck with kissing a girl let alone getting a girlfriend. But with his father dropping the bombshell of what he could with this gift, Tim becomes a changed person. He returns to moments he screws up, fixes them and lives again. And in case anyone is wondering who Gleeson is, think about Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I suppose he didn't get quite the exposure there but Gleeson is absolutely charming here. If there was one thing I couldn't stop staring at, it was his eyelashes. There was something just so mesmerizing and he does hit up the right feel at being awkward, shy yet bold and daring at the same time. Personally, Gleeson did do a great job about being Tim. I am sort of trying to imagine someone else in this spot and I think it may just be Hugh Grant...but he's a little too old for these kind of things now. So Gleeson rakes it in well.

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Rachel McAdams returns for the second time in a time travelling movie (The first being The Time Traveller's Wife in 2009) and I've got to say, she's seriously very pretty. Mum and I were somewhat judging her dresses throughout the movie and we both agree that she's the best in the scene above. Quirky, funny and somewhat sexy in her own way, McAdams really nails it as Mary in About Time. While she really didn't have to make up on a lot of expressions since the movie is light-hearted and is much more a chick flick than anything else, I thought the scene at her at home with Tim really took flight. It was fairly believable to me and I think she brought out Mary a lot better than anyone in mind would. I wonder if Anne Hathaway would be a replacement deemed fit?

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Bill Nighy plays in About Time. It's actually pretty funny because I have never once heard a family name throughout the whole movie and Nighy's character was never named. So he had to just be dad. If you're wondering who he is, well think Minister Rufus Scrimgeour from Harry Potter. An old man with immense talents, I thought he did really good as "dad". Then again, a lot of people could be "dad" in this movie but Nighy probably brought it up a notch with his mysterious ways and deep settled yet calm voice at rocky times. I wonder however if Gary Oldman would have done better. That could be quite a thought, wouldn't it?


Putting in a special mention for Tom Hollander who plays Harry in the movie. He's filled with so much hatred inside, it's actually hilarious to watch! The scenes with him inside are pretty awesome.

As an overall, I did love the movie. I mentioned it earlier, didn't I? I really liked how light-hearted and warm it was and the message buried within was truly meaningful too. Life isn't about having to be perfect or doing things the right way in the very first time. It's about making mistakes, treasuring time and loving the ones around us. Heck, my drive home with mum included talking about how we would have brought my grandfather back if we could turn time back. I think in my case I might not bring him back. Life would be a little different if we did. I would however go back in time and rush home instead. Just for that final hug I never gave him.

About Time does tug at your little tear chest at some moments but it doesn't constitute as a movie that you need boxes of Kleenex with you by your side. It's even funny at some points, you're bound to burst out laughing unexpectedly. Personally? I'd give it an 8/10 simply because I'm a little weakling that loves such family based movies with all these inner fuzziness burning through the movie. If you're a guy, you may not enjoy the movie as much but if your girlfriend makes you watch it with, YOU WATCH IT. For all you know, you may even fall in love with the movie. For all you girlfriends out there...WATCH THIS. It's really good and I'm betting it's well worth your RM 11 for the tickets.

I strive to live everyday, as if it were the final day of my extraordinary ordinary life.

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