Fat Diaries: Paddington House Of Pancakes

By Elie - 9:59 AM

I've taken quite a liking for contests lately and with lots of friendly help (BIG THANKS TO BRYAN LA OKAY, DON'T EMO you still have to eat sweet potatoes though), I got to win the consolation prize of Paddington House of Pancakes' "The Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure". What came through was a set meal for 2 with a surprise menu amounting up to RM 150 in starters, mains, desserts and drinks. Being really cynical, I wondered really hard how they would ever feed us up to RM 150 in a pancake house.

They flip it right!

All about pancakes in Paddington House of Pancakes!

 A little bar area if that's your kind of thing

The last time I visited Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP in short) was a lot of years back, probably 5 or 6 years if I'm not mistaken and I didn't quite enjoy the experience as much. Yesterday however, I thought I'd give it another shot. After all, you never know when things can change in the blink of an eye. So I took mum on for our complimentary dinner, waiting anxiously for our food to get to our table. That said, it took quite a while for it to be served and that fairly tipped my mind off things that it could be a good experience. After all, the menu was already set and my reservation was already made...why weren't they ready for me to come in?

Fantasy Punch in a pitcher

This was our drink of the night; bar the latte much later into the dinner. Fruity, sweet and sour all at the same time, the Fantasy Punch was quite a delight to gulp down. The one downer is that there's seriously TOO MUCH of ice in it that I couldn't quite enjoy it as much as I really wanted to because every time I took a sip, I'd have lots of ice in my mouth anyway. The mixed berries were sour yet gave such a good nibble to the long wait for food so it's still a worthy order if you're there. Maybe you should ask for less ice too.


Our starter was named Stonehenge and I...have absolutely no idea why. First of all it doesn't look very round and Stonehenge-y to me; much to the disappointment of my imagination and second of all, it isn't very rocky. The smoked salmon above greens drenched with vinaigrette and an egg with waffles and sour cream was quite a new thing to me because in my mind, waffles were always served as a sweet delicacy; never savoury.  It was still a good feat with the smoked salmon though.


It must be a PHOP thing to name their dishes over places around the world. The Nottingham features pasta with roasted chicken and mushroom in bechamel (I think) sauce then sided with...waffles. I really don't understand why they had to top waffles off in the dish because that sort of killed the taste off the yummy pasta with the sauce. Omitting the waffles, the pasta was really delicious and had the creamy yet overly sticky consistency to the overall mix. I enjoyed it loads especially with the topping of fresh herbs (parsley, I think...) because it gave out such a fragrant joy to the dish. Yums.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

When this got to our table, mum and I were completely flabbergasted. Featuring a huge chunk of watermelon as a base, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is merely waffles and roasted chicken (And in the words of the waiter: to perfection) stacked up alternately then served with green, semi-mashed potatoes and sauce. That said, it was quite a hassle trying to think about how to start eating this. Eventually everything fell in a messy way soonest as we pulled the skewer that held everything out and we sorted the chicken and waffles off. We ended up offering the staff of PHOP a share of this because we couldn't finish. The chicken was a little bland, to be very honest and it was also a little cold. Additionally, the skin was oily and I really didn't like the slippery taste that gives. Fairly disappointed since it came after the yummy Nottingham dish.

Triple X

By the time dessert came, our neighbouring table must have thought we were complete gluttons. Luckily for us, we decided to share our pitcher of Fantasy Punch that was untouched by this time and we told them that we're not that wasteful, this was all part of the set menu. That said, the Triple X was definitely the best thing to have of the night. Like I've mentioned, I've always had the thought that waffles were dished out sweet and not savoury. It was a brand new experience with the savoury waffles but I still much prefer my waffles this way: topped with strawberries, fresh cream and deliciously warm dark chocolate sauce drenched all over.

Dunk'in Latte

Caffeine alert! I thought it was highly risky for ME to have caffeine at that time of the night because it would mean I would never sleep after that. But I am thankful for this shot of caffeine; I got to stay up late to be on Google Hangout with Sue Yin who is now in UK to wish her happy birthday. Featuring a banana fritter with coconut chunks and a dollop of fresh cream on top of the frothy latte, the Dunk'in Latte was quite an experience. Albeit not the best of lattes I've had, I think they didn't fall off too far from the good bar and is worthy of an order if you've got a good craving for caffeine but can't take it black.

Just to close off, I'm really grateful that I got to have this Gastronomic Adventure with PHOP last night with mum and I've got to say...the portion could have fed 4 pax. The experience was amazing, much unlike my first visit years ago and to top it off with the friendly (presumably) manager called Reyes, it's no doubt I would re-visit again for the Nottingham and pancakes next time. If you did notice, I didn't get any pancakes throughout this meal because it was "Waffle Day" in PHOP last night but it's okay. I'll go back for my pancakes and hopefully meet Reyes again to tell him how awesome his service was. I hope by the end of the day someone from PHOP would read this and know that they have an amazing staff in their branch at The Curve. Service done right, seriously.

Mummy and I.
Picture credits to: PHOP

The uber nice Reyes took this picture for us to be posted on the Paddington House of Pancakes' Facebook page and I...uhm...stole it. Thanks for having us for the night, PHOP. It was truly an Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure that got us filled to the brim! I'll be back for pancakes...you'll serve me, won't you, Reyes?


A picture simply because I have mad love for the gradient maxi skirt I got online and it surprisingly fits the shorty in me well. Spot my awesome Birkenstocks sandals and mum's handmade handbag from my old jeans. Of course then you can also be looking at my silly face because...my middle name is vain. Now you know.

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  1. Oh my, it's been years since I have visit PHOP as well. I don't remember their servings being so large. Those waffles look big enough for three!

    1. Exactly. I don't visit PHOP for years and suddenly BAM the portions have ballooned like mad... ><


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